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In the previous HGCE Strike Freedom post we got the body done but for the Strike Freedom that’s like only half the kit. We still have… ‘Dat backpack.

Here goes nothing!

Well, that was pretty easy.

My first Strike Freedom was the Perfect Grade so compared to that every one after has been easy.

You’ll need two of these assemblies.

The light blue piece is just one part that fits onto grooves in the smaller dark blue piece.

You’ll need two more of the things but they’re facing the opposite way.

All of that gives you these things.

Okay so let’s plug them into the larger Dragoon parts.

Yup, you have a sticker to put there.

It hurts not getting a gold part for that, man.

Here are two wings.

Don’t forget the red part.

Each of the wing sections will connect to the center of the backpack via these.

And there it is.

‘Dat backpack.

I guess I’ve only got a couple of rifle to assemble now.

Start here and be sure to add your red sticker.

This section can slide in and out.

Another part, complete with its own red sticker, is added to the bottom.

You’re then ready to put the white part on which means you’re also ready (maybe) to put on that large awkwardly shaped sticker.

I think I did pretty good.

If you did well then you can add the next sticker.

And then the next.

You then add the small part onto the butt.

of the rifle.

You’ve got the sight next which needs a sticker. Due to the small size I elected to sticker them before taking them off the runner.

Add the handle and barrel as well.

That’s one down.

The second goes together slightly differently but is fundamentally the same.

And then there were two.

Now to play with this guy.

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  1. Kushal Naik says:

    Guns came out really well, i would probably never have gotten the sticker right. Big stickers like that are dealbreakers for a kit for me – that was part of the reason I decided to go for the F91 MG over the HG, the stickers on the VSBRs as I saw in your review.

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