Gaijin Gunpla

With Vegeta done and still napping I can put together his shelter or is it his mode of transportation? This is where the big pieces come in.

Place that yellow(ish) part in there and then add some white parts but they’ll need stickers.

That yellow(ish) part is his seat and there is another piece that makes the bottom of that.

Now for stickers.

And they’re not all the same.

Be careful as they need to be lined up a particular way.

Now you’ll have to put two more large white parts together

This happens a lot with this kit.

Then add another part. This makes up one side.

These two pieces will make a bridge to connect both sides of the pod.

Can a sphere have sides? It can if it’s not a sphere yet. Right now it’s just this.

You’ll need to put a couple stickers on that middle section.

Now join the sections together.

Next up, add that back section (the one with the seat) and that is easier than it sounds. There are so many connection points and edges on the sections that getting everything lined up properly and fitting tightly was tough.

That was my first attempt. Look at those gaps.

I wasn’t content to leave it as is and so pulled it back apart. Well, tried to. It wasn’t easy. Using my parts separator I managed to pry things apart and at that time I elected to take out the bottom section of the seat.

This gave me more space to look at the connection points in the back as I tried a second time to get the sphere sections together. Once I had it correctly I was able to slide the seat back in.

Now for this… thing.

That little white piece can pivot.

Mount it on the bottom white curved piece and attach that to the sphere.

Turns out the small, pivoting white part is a hinge.

At this point the Pod is spherical and rolling all over your work desk. As you need to work on the door you’ll need a place to put the pod so it doesn’t roll away. Enter the base.

There you go.

You place Vegeta inside at this point.

At this stage of the build I stopped building as I had other things I needed to do. When I tried to pack up the stuff and clean the work space, like I usually do, I had a problem.

Ya, normally you can return everything to the box. Not so with the Space Pod. I appreciate the base more now.

When I returned to the kit it was time to install the door. Attach the first part to the hinge.

From here I’m assembling the control console.

This is quite interesting. You first lay the clear green part over the clear red part.

Some sections on the red part stick up and go through opening in the green part. You have stickers to put on that go around these red areas.

You need to be aware of what part of the sticker needs to stay on the backing and you’ll need to be careful lining the three stickers up.

I think I did pretty good.

Drop that onto the white part.

Now to make the door.

There are two stickers which go on the inside.

Attach the console section to the door.

Then place that whole assembly over the door hinge and add a piece from the bottom to close it up.

Your door is on but you need a mechanism which will open and close it.

I’ll show shots of the manual explaining how those two parts go in.

It’s surprisingly simple with them moving into position with almost no resistance. After they are in and rotated into place you snap them on the door.

There it is!

Shh. He’s still sleeping.

I have to say, this is a really fun build. More fun (and a little bit trickier) than I had thought it would be when I first opened the box.

If you’re a DBZ and a model fan this is probably right up your alley. Speaking of alley, I really want to bowl with this thing. It’s so round.

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  1. cloud says:

    with a simple panel line you can turn this into pokeball lol
    vegeta i choose u !

  2. HBSK says:

    I hope this kit sells very well. I would absolutely love some Saiyan Pods with Nappa, Raditz, Bardock and Baby Goku crying inside. Maybe even the Ginyu Force version?

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