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It seems like just yesterday I had a contest celebrating the Gaijin Gunpla Facebook Page hitting 1,000 likes. Actually that was back in February of 2013!

Okay, so not even 4 years ago. Since then more people have discovered Gundam, Gunpla models, and Gaijin Gunpla both on Facebook and here on its own website and now in December 2016 I’ve surpassed 10,000 Likes! 10,000!! That’s a pretty big number. To be honest when I hit 9,000 not too long ago I couldn’t believe it and so I watched quite closely as I headed towards the 10,000 mark and wanted to do something a little special for when that moment happens.

And I am! Be sure to check out the Gaijin Gunpla Facebook Page for details and your chance to win your choice of one of two kits.

Good luck everyone and thanks for the likes and follows!

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  1. Aethan says:

    Could you make a YouTube channel, I would love to watch whatever you make!
    ~with admiration,

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