Gaijin Gunpla

First thing’s first! Not the legs of the Build Strike but the explanation regarding the leaflet I posted in the Full Package’s First Look post.

For those who can’t read Japanese, and I’m thinking that’s most everyone reading this English-language Gundam blog, it reads:

Extra Gunpla Battle

(that part is easy)

Then it says:

Commemorating the release of the RG Build Strike Full Package
Gundam Build Fighters is for a special limited time distributed for free!

For details check out the Bandai Hobby Site

So allow me to post that link:

There you’ll find the episodes and the first episode you can watch for free until December 15th giving people about a week to take advantage. More episodes will be opened for free viewing in the future.

Now let’s talk about the Real Grade kit itself.

The kit starts with the feet and here I’m starting with the Strike Gundam B frame feet and the Strike Gundam F frame parts for the bottom.

I’ll try to mention whenever an older part is used in construction of this kit.

Now this is new.

You’re plugging a little part from the new J runner into the foot. The ankle of the leg frame will plug into this making the Build Strike taller. Interesting.

Add the armour for the front of the foot.

Next you’ll assemble the ankle armour sections and this has you hitting the sticker sheet for the first time to grab some very small foils.

You’ll place that on a frame part.

Then put the armour on before covering the sticker with a clear blue part.

Get the ankle armour sections onto your foot.

Then add the red parts for the heel.

I would probably have done those last two steps in the opposite order.

Prepare your RG leg frame!

I say this every time. Because it’s important.

All the parts shown here are from the older RG Strike’s F runner.

The armour is new, though.

Which means lots of areas are undergated.

The white armour part for the back of the leg (top right) is from the old Strike’s C runner.

There’s a new part, this one from the H runner, which is slightly different in white tone and goes at the front of the lower leg.

Here are the first parts for the knee.

Both take a foil sticker.

Attach the white part first then slide in the frame part.

Add another white armour part, with sticker, to the top of the knee and then cover all silver foils with a clear blue piece.

Next prepare the parts for the side of the leg.

Fit them on. Note they are not the same.

And you’ve got yourself a Full Package leg.

Eight minutes later.

And that’s all the time I had. I wanted to keep going but it wasn’t possible the time so I’m hitting it again as soon as I have the chance. It’s nice to be building an RG again.

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  1. Beige says:

    gotta say, I quite like how their using the build fighters nature to expand on the base design for the RG.

  2. sablenk87 says:

    Just Build Fighter episodes? But they already put those on their youtube channel with 5 language subtitles,its been there since the first time.
    I thought it would be announcement for another RG build fighter.
    Those clear parts, make me want to put LEDs under it.

  3. Michael says:

    >Which means lots of areas are underrated.

    I guess you wanted to say “undergated” :p

  4. Jango says:

    one of the cool things you can do with this kit is attach the original RG Aile Strike’s Aile Striker pack to the the Build Strike’s Build Booster. it’s not mentioned in the instructions but I’m pretty sure you can do it because the RG Build Booster still has the Striker Pack connection point in the back.

  5. Kushal says:

    I really didn’t like the Build Strike design at first, but it really grew on me as a more colorful and detailed version of the Strike that was nonetheless a little too cartoony with the primary colors to be in a more serious series. The RG is bringing out that colorful nature a lot I see which is nice.

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