Gaijin Gunpla

So the upper Bawoo body is done which means it’s time to start on the lower half. For the Bawoo that means constructing the skirt.

Here is the frame part for the skirt. You’ll be attaching two thrusters here.

It goes onto the skirt section from below.

Here are the front skirts.

Man, those are long.

A small black piece clips onto the front.

Add the rear skirt which is just one large, and pointy, piece.

Now we are going to do some of the x2.

Hip joints.

Add a poly-cap onto the peg.



Front of the foot.

Rear of the foot.

Top of the foot.

Drop the ankle joint into the poly-cap.

That ends the x2 assembly.

So let’s do the right leg first. Start by plugging the poly-cap on the peg of the hip joint into an armour piece and onto that same armour piece slide on the knee.

Now assemble this.

That fits into a large side armour piece and you’ll also place a frame part in there as well.

Here you can see how the knee and ankle fit onto that side armour piece. I find it interesting that the ankle’s connection to the lower leg isn’t in the middle of the leg but towards the front. How will that affect this tall kit’s balance?

That is one fat leg. Cankles.

Do it again!

Hmm. That connection…

I guess the next step is to plug the torso onto the lower body. For that I need this.

Now I have to.. um.. do this.

Okay, this may be hard to understand or see so I’ll try to explain in good detail. Looking into the cavity of the Bawoo torso from below you can see some plastic in the shape of a T.

This fits in with that small section you assembled.

You have to insert that small thing into the hollow of the torso onto that T-shape. It isn’t exactly easy to line up.

My body is ready.

Slide these into the side skirts.

There we go!

Here are the first parts to the backpack.

Now you get to prepare those large wings.

And these… missiles?

Slide this clip onto the wing and then attach the missiles.

Then turn the missiles so the align with the edge of the wing.

You can then attach the first part of the backpack you assembled and complete one side.

Do that for the other side and plug the wings in.

Rifle! It’s a biggie.

Here’s the scope.


The shield, though massive, is pretty simple assembly-wise.

Looks great, too!

I’ll admire him before I break him apart trying to transform him. Heh.

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