Gaijin Gunpla

Bawoo has been built but before being boxed back up I’m gonna bend it. I mean transform it.

As the first transforming kit in the RE/100 line people are probably curious as to how Bandai engineered it.

Before I tear it all down I’ll admire how it looks.

It definitely has a look all its own.

So pointy.

For the Bawoo attacker you’ll need to adjust the weapons.

The shield only needs to have the attachment swing down.

For the rifle you’ll need to tuck in the handle and swing out a piece at the top.

The top part actually clicks into place.

Okay, so swing up the backpack.

You’ll then pull back the lower part of the chest area.

This unhooks the section at the top of the lower body.

Pull the front of the chest forward as well to give yourself some space.

And it will probably fall off.

Because it does. It is only attached by the small tab in the top and gravity works against it.

These yellow collars can also pop off while you shift the kit around in your hands.

Separate the two sections of the body.

Bawoo Attacker Begin!

Clear the wings up and out of the way.

I suggest taking off the missiles as they will either get in the way or just fall off on their own.

Swing out and extend the center chest assembly.

Tuck the head in.

It looks like it goes in quite far but once you have to connect the rifle into the chest cavity the head may come back up a bit.

Here is the chest cavity.

You need to have the back armour piece back enough to accommodate what comes next.

Fold the arms into the shoulders.

Bring them down underneath the chest.

You’ll need to pull the frame parts apart slightly.

The hands are popped off and the cuff assembly swung around.

With the arms in the right position you can reposition the wings.

You can put these back on too.

Attach the shield. There is only one connection at the top of the back of the shield which clips onto one area of the underside of the Bawoo Attacker.

Now for the tricky part, getting the rifle on there. Or getting the Bawoo onto the rifle depending on how you look at it.

You have this connection.

It fits around the little section of the rifle that you positioned a moment ago.

And you have this section.

It fits into the back of the top area of the rifle.

The front connection is just slots together.

Then the rear connection is supposed to happen.

You’ll have to hold the rifle in position while trying to get the rear connection together. If you don’t the rifle will slide forward and you’ll not have the proper connection with the proper strength. You need it because the adaptor for the action base actually fits onto the rifle.

Here is the adaptor for the Attacker.

Now for the Nutter. Are you ready? This is nuts.

Turn up the side skirts.

The feet have a couple steps in the transformation but nothing serious.

Bend the ankle forwards, fold the rear of the foot in, then fold the ankle back so the foot fits inside the lower leg.

Rotate the legs out.

To be sure you have the correct position for the legs there is a tab on the underside of the front skirt that slots into a space on the leg.

And you’re done. No really. Now you need to put it on a stand and here’s the adaptor for that.

It slides onto the center skirt armour piece and just stays on there by friction.

Nuts away!

Now we wait another six months until the next RE/100 kit arrives.

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  1. Gen says:

    If this was a might be great.
    The bottom transformation looks like a flying leg.

    • Drew Woodside says:

      I mean that’s what the Nutter looks like anyway. No better quality kit will make it look less dumb. It’s a shame cause the Attacker looks great.

    • Stephen Ancona says:

      If you watch the show, that’s basically what the bottom looked like. Never was a fan of that aspect of ZZ. Lots of suits that turned into two vehicles.

  2. Kushal says:

    I didn’t notice at first that the emblem parts are plastic and not stickers. If the P-Bandai Rebawoo has the same thing for its markings, I’ll be getting it for sure.

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