Gaijin Gunpla

Before I build a Build Booster I’ve got some weapons to assemble.

These three parts make up a your pistol.

I’ll figure out the proper name later.

The shield has several coloured parts in the assembly.

The attachment to the arm is the same as that from the Aile Strike.

These two parts fit together and plug into the bottom of the shield

It’s an interesting looking shield.

I may be partial to the Strike’s shield though.

Two beam saber handles for those side skirts.

Now I’ll put together this little assembly.

The top part moves.

Now for the body of that large, sexy weapon.

It’s big enough to require the side handle.

Now here’s how you use these things.

You have the ability to slide the moveable assembly into the end of the pistol.

Then just bring the top part down to secure it in place.

That looks pretty cool but I think I’m more keen to try that huge beam weapon which works the same way.

It’s so big it needs that extra grip. Slide that forward and swing it out.

Now for the last thing. What was that again?

The Build Booster.

Let’s start with what looks to be the nose/cockpit.

We’ll next add some frame parts.

Once you position the frame parts you have to drop them into the openings on a blue bottom section.

We’ll add some more blue to the front areas and the top.

Some parts that look like pistons go on the bottom while some small yellow vents go on the back.

Those arms swing down and fold against the body of the Build Booster.

You next assemble both of the wings.

Then you’ll add a foil sticker to a frame part and slide it into a large blue piece.

Once that’s done you’ll add more parts onto that blue block.

Attach the wing to the outside.

That attachment piece is notable because it allows the wing to swing up but not down.

You’re next made to assemble two of these long things.

They attach at the back with an arm that has a ball joint at the end.

Each of these will have the ball joint facing in a different direction.

Add a touch of red.

Attach that long slender thing to the arm at the bottom of the Build Booster and then attach the assembly with the wing.

If you’re not going to mount it on your Gundam you can pull position the rails a certain way and even pull out a landing gear.

There’s the Build Booster. Now let’s see what this kit can do.

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  1. azurekeyblader says:

    is there any pilot figure in this kit?

  2. Flash43 says:

    Well I have some suggestion to put some sort of putty on the wings, because after months,mine starts to make the wings move itself and there’s sort of ‘dust’ in the wings’ movinf section.

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