Gaijin Gunpla

I managed to get the legs done in my first session with the Build Strike Gundam and my second has me continuing from there and seeing just how far I can go before I have to stop. The skirt is up next.

The frame parts are from the Strike but the armour at the front is new. A new piece makes it onto the rear as well.

Front skirts are interesting. The top part is from the Strike C runner but the bottom part is from the new runner.

The rear skirt parts are all from the older RG kit.

There we go.

Now to plug in those sexy legs.

Side skirt assembly has the older B frame and then all new parts. Instead of just plugging them into the sides of the B frame section you take the frame part and put it on from below and then the armour from the top, sandwiching around the B frame ends.

It’s a winged creature!

I’ll add the small circles next.

That drops onto the lower body from above, which is standard for RG.

That frame part on the underside of the side skirt rests against the hip joint so the side skirts are always pointing down and out at an angle.

Let’s start the chest with these two parts.

If I recall correctly that top one is from the Strike Gundam kit.

As are these frame parts from the F runner.

These are new.

Assemble the cockpit.

Drop that onto the frame part that makes up the back.

This means that you should be able to attach the Aile Striker Pack to your Build Strike. I need to test this.

Add the new parts that make up the sides.

Make sure the red parts line up properly or you’ll mangle that soft plastic of the RG Frame.

Here is the chest. The blue piece is new but the vents are not.

Bottom piece is from the Strike kit as well.

Chest from this angle looks like a beaked bird.

Can’t unsee.

The collar and the red piece for the back or old but the blue is all new.

There’s my torso.

Lookin’ good!

Next up is the arms and I’ll need to use these foils.

If you’ve built the Aile Strike Gundam kit you know those foils have to go on the frame part that makes up the front of the elbow but you also know that piece F15 onto which they are meant to go is bent and putting foils over angled or curved surfaces isn’t always ideal.

So I took out my Tamiya paint marker.

That’ll do.

While that dries I’ll skip forward in the manual and assemble the head.

What’s this? Instead of a choice between three stickers or two stickers for the eyes my choice is four stickers or three?

Um. I’ll do my best.

Hmm. May need to adjust something.

After becoming more, but not completely, satisfied with my sticker placement I put on the face mask.

Opted to panel line that piece now.

Getting the sides of the head on is tricky because of the two frame parts that stick out to the side. They have to fit through the openings in the armour part but don’t just slide through cleanly. There will be a pop.

Add your sharp V-fin and the two parts that make up the center.

Those are some tiny parts.

That is a nice looking head.

I can go back and do the arms now thanks to my marker being dry.

Armour parts on the left are new while those on the right are old.

These are new.

Once that is on the front of the arm you can add the armour pieces for the forearm.

More new parts for the back of the arm.

This is tricky because the manual doesn’t state where the frame part should go, only that it goes on first and then is covered by the white part. It will take some fidgeting before you find out what position is the right one.

Add a very small blue part.

Add the cuff and the hand.

But wait!

You’re not taking the hand part that came as part of the B runner and just adding the armour piece. Instead you have a whole new hand part for your Build Strike. The Sinanju didn’t even have that!! huh?

Test yourself but cutting off all the parts you’ll need and assembly by memory.

Did I do okay? Of course I did.

This guy needs shoulders. You’re building both at the same time.

You have some foils to put on shoulder parts.

Add the final red parts and clear parts cover up the gold foils

Here he is!

Now for everything else!

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  1. noob_sauce says:

    I like the effect of the clear parts over the foil stickers.

  2. Theghostofchar79 says:

    man he looks great. cant wait for mine to get here tomorrow..glad i skipped the RG strike for the HGrevive..especially now this guy is out..cant get enough Build Fighters..keep up the great reviews and WIPs man..

  3. Phillax says:

    I was skeptical about this kit, the ‘chubby’ head in particular. Now I don’t think it looks bad.

  4. GBD says:

    Hey Syd, do you think there is any chance we’ll ever see a RG Unicorn? Perhaps with a frame inspired by that of the PG that came later? It’d be a task to get that thing to transform without part swapping or taking limbs off at that scale but the PG manages, though is obviously larger, and with how impressive the RG Zeta transformation was…

  5. Beige says:

    man I love the body of the build strike – while I find the regular striker packs more striking, the modified strike-E torso and shoulders with the sharper side skirts and the varied colours – and that awesome V-fin – makes the base suit pop so much more for me. the addition of the clear parts to the mix for the RG just add so much more

    and the strike is already one of my favourite suits

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