Gaijin Gunpla

I didn’t manage to finish the WIP for the leg in the last post and there’s a reason for that. It’s quite an extensive process that takes a while to assemble and then write about. Well, I can now continue.

On the first leg I compressed the frame cover before putting it on over the frame just like I was instructed to do with the FA Gundam Ver. Ka Thunderbolt kit, however for the Psycho Zaku you’re instructed to put the frame cover on first and then compress it. You probably should do it this way for the leg frame as it is quite wide and a compressed frame cover will have problems sliding over it as I found out on the first leg.

Following the instructions for the second leg, however, saw me with some areas of frame cover that I couldn’t wrinkle as much as I would like.

This bothered me, probably more than it should have, and I took it off and tried again looking to get the wrinkles just perfect but I realised that a large part of the frame cover won’t be visible once the rest of the leg pieces go on and so I left it as it was at the time.

When I got to this part…

I had a thought…

Let’s just leave that alone for now and move on to adding the springs to the legs. These are the same springs that you use on the MG Zaku II 2.0 kits however the plastic parts that fit onto either end are different. You are instructed to slide a length of frame cover onto the spring and then compress it.

But this is a spring. It’s not solid like the frames in the arms and legs or even the plastic in the piping areas of a zaku kit. It’s not easy to hold the spring in place and then apply pressure against it trying to wrinkle a frame cover. I opted for another tool.

A skewer. It’s a little larger in diameter than the spring but it gives me something solid over which to compress the frame cover and then slide it onto the spring.

I only needed to add the other plastic part to the end of the spring once I had the frame cover on.

And just like that I had two legs.

It’s interesting that how you bunch the frame cover will determine how the spring bends.

Last part of the MS is the skirt and the frame parts here are from the 2.0 Zaku.

Add the front red armour part along with a very small white thruster.

Two more very small white thrusters go in from the sides.

There isn’t a lot of space to work with in there so I pulled the center block off and placed the thrusters in.

Drop a pretty interesting looking frame part onto the main skirt frame.

Then I made a little assembly that will connect the front skirt to the frame.

Slide that onto a red armour piece from above while the orange piece goes on from the side.

Repeat for the other side.

The ball joint connection drops down into the space reserved at the front of the skirt.

Here are the parts for the rear skirt.

Those two frame parts are 2.0 parts.

The attach like you would with any 2.0 kit.

Attach your legs.

Now for the side skirts. You’ll need a bunch (six) of these.

Each one attaches to the top of a red armour piece.

This is quite interesting. On the other 2.0 kits the side skirts are just one armour piece but here you’ve got three separate pieces making one side skirt. Each section clips onto a space on the frame.

I like it.

I really like it.

Let’s look at some better images.

That seemed like a lot of work.

But there is still a long way to go.

In fact, I guess I’m not technically done the legs. There are some armour parts to go on the legs.

I’m going to leave that for now. So much plamo remains!

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  1. Prowler says:

    OK, so now you have a Zaku.

    How much more is left in the box?

  2. Primescape says:

    Im rather interested to know how those red pieces of the side skirts will hold long

  3. Darth Mingus says:

    Merry christmas Syd, hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ondes.

    Kind of hoping there would have been piping inside the covers for the power cables. I always thought the covers went over the piping. Does the kit come with the rings in case you don,t want to use the covers?

    • S2 says:

      All those rings come on a very distinct runner on the 2.0 kits and that runners as left out of this kit. If you do want to try it you’ll need to get your hands on a 2.0 MG Zaku.

  4. Danforth Vista says:

    Having a slight OCD, I really like how you did the frame covers for those springs. So satisfying hahahaha.

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