Gaijin Gunpla

Despite showing the Zaku with the backpack attached in the last post I realised that I hadn’t shown how exactly it goes on. It’s quite interesting.

You have the two pegs that stick out each featuring a small edge to it

These have to be turned a certain way in order for the backpack to be plugged into the Zaku.

As I mentioned, it’s very back heavy and can’t stand up without those arms out to the front. How do you get it to stay up with the arms folded in their rested positions? You need a stand.

On the bottom of the backpack are two small parts that come out.

This reveals where the stand adaptor is meant to be attached.

You’ve to two places on that adaptor where you can plug in the stand.

Plugging into the front one will result in a forward-leaning (flying) Zaku while the other will have the Zaku standing straight. I went with the straight look for now.

I’ll just plug my Zaku on there so it has a place to stay while I work on his boosters.

Once the backpack is on the Zaku you lock it on by moving the lever/switch.

Now he can levitate there while I proceed.

The first step of the boosters is to assemble these things that look like magazines for you Zaku Machine Guns.

Err.. what? I’ve learned not to ask questions.

Okay, now for the good stuff.

Make two of these!

This rugged piece is from the N rune and plugs in quite securely.

You’ll plug one end part on around that.

One the other end you’ve got a white part to put on and then the end piece.

Now you need part 8, a thruster, from your one of your four I runners. I had to do some digging in this large box to find the last I runner that had these.

And then…

More thrusters.

These are part 7 from the A runner.

You’ve got some parts from the C and B runner to put on next.

When you get to this step you’re no longer building x 2 and instead focus on just one.

If you’re wondering where the second C-14 part is it’s on the very end of the C runner.

More parts to go on both sides of that booster.

Now plug that into the backpack.

Then add the extra magazines.

I wonder if it’s a good idea to keep ammunition and explosives on the side of your booster?

Now your Zaku looks completely different.

Before you continue you’re instructed to add the fausts. I hadn’t built them yet. I guess I have no choice now.

And the same applies for the machine guns.

The machine gun mounts upside down to the frame part on the side of the booster.

You’ll need to make sure it’s hooked on properly otherwise there’s no way it stays on.

Now put the fausts on.

Now for the big one!

Put those two monster halves together and then add the parts for one end.

Now take these very small, by contrast, parts and drop them into the empty space on the side of that large booster.

Now add that connection part.

It has to slide into the other frame part at a 45 degree upwards angle.

On the other end add the white parts and those rounded ends.

You need to make sure you’ve got the white parts going on correctly and you can check that by lining up the seams. When you’ve got them lined up properly there is a nice clean connection.

We know what this is for.

Five of those big boys.

That means one guy gets left behind.

Poor fella. I’m sure I can find a use for you.

Now you are instructed to add the frame parts to the side of the small booster which will connect to the larger one.

The connection for these isn’t very deep and they were quite loose whenever I handled them.

It actually got quite annoying so I took them back off and plugged them into the large booster first instead.

I could then connect that to the smaller one.

That’s just ridiculous.

Now you have the second smaller booster and again you’re mounting the extra magazines.

Then you mount the frame part that will hold all the bazookas.

This is just ridiculous. I had to reposition myself around my small work table just to try and take pictures of it while I was working on it.

And now I need to work on those weapons I’ve left until last. Let’s start with the Beam Bazooka.

Here’s the giant end of this thing.

Put all your sub-assemblies together.

Then add the scope.

Probably should have stuck something in there before putting on the clear part.

It’s just huge.

With that out of the way you have only three Giant Bazookas to assemble.

These parts come on the new B and C runners. You’re using these rathe than those on the Zaku 2.0 runners. You can see the handle swivels.

Here is the stack of Bazooka runners.

Everything x 3!

This always confused me. Why put the ammo in there and then seal them inside where no one will be able to see it?

Carry on, regardless.

I’ll leave these off for now. You’re actually meant to put the middle on one before attaching the supports between the booster tanks but I didn’t like how unstable it seemed and hadn’t yet built the bazookas so I’ll try my luck putting this on later.

Remember those extra armour parts I mentioned in the leg WIP post? Here they are.

The two A runners have the last of the thrusters I’ll need.

The armour for the inside of the leg is just two parts.

The outside, however, is just one part but with those gold thrusters. They are quite small.

It was here I noticed something. Check out the four I runners that contained the bold parts and mostly thrusters.

On each runner I have these same two parts left.

Um. What were they for? They’re even showing as not being used in the manual.

So why were they molded on there?

They plot thickens.

Here is the pile of runners with leftover parts.

It’s quite a lot of stuff.

So much plamo in this kit and even after building this monster you’ve got a lot left. This was quite the build. I have 453 photographs in my Psycho Zaku folder. 453!! I’m tired.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Congratz Syd on finally finishing the monster. It’s good to see that Bandai didnt go lazy and remade the Beam Bazooka mold (orginal was with the MG Rick Dom). About those unused puke gold parts… I have a funny fealing they could be used in some sort future P-Bandai extension or just next MG Zaku kit.

    PS. Are the MG version’s thrusters going balistic the same as the HG one?

  2. Michael says:

    The unused parts are vernier joints from older MS-06R High Mobility Zaku v2.0 kits like Johnny Ridden’s, Shin Matsunaga or Black Tri-Star Zaku. They’re listed at page 7 of the manuals.

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