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Does it seem like a while since I posted about the 1/100 Full Mechanics Lupus? It feels like it but it’s only been about 10 days. That still seems like a while. I think I’ve been busy.

I’ve showed the assembly of the frame, which isn’t all that new, and now I’ll show the armour, which is new?

Right away I see something that looks a different to what I remember from the 1/100 Barbatos. In order to get the side torso armour piece on the kit I actually have to remove the whole arm and attach it there.

This means that it’s not going to fall off when you start handling the kit. I like it.

Collar on from behind.

Here is the chest plate.

Pull off the frame V fin and start applying the armour for the head.

Slide the red part on that makes the chin.

Then a second part for the side of the head.

Here is the V fin.

You may have noticed that I’m only armouring up one side of the kit. That’s to show the contrast between armoured and unarmoured. It also means the V fin isn’t likely to stay on.

Upper arm and front and back of the lower arm.

Sides and front at elbow.

Back of the hand.

So completes the arm.

You build both shoulders at the same time.

The red section clips onto the white bulbous part.

(that’s a funny word. Bulbous.)

Drop it on from above.

Does anyone like the shoulder engineering on these IBO kits?

One side of the knee.

Notice the gap and grooves on the back of this piece. This is important.

Add the black section.

Repeat the process in reverse for the other side.

Now place that yellow part into the main leg armour piece.

Notice this area that sticks out at the top?

It matches perfectly the hollow on the underside of the side of the knee.

When these are joined you’ve got a very solid connection without fear of the side sections falling off. Nicely done.

Now prepare what you’ll need for the next step.

Slide the red part on from below.

The alignment can be tricky. Here is how it’s supposed to go.

Prepare the ankle armour/top of the foot section.

Drop that on from the top.

Parts for the back of the foot and leg.

That gives me a half armoured Lupus or, as I call him, Zombie Lupus.

Front skirt.

Rear skirt.

Side skirt is looong.

Sticker this area before the blue part goes on.

A smaller blue part goes on at the top.


Imma let ya finish but Strike Freedom has the best side skirts of all time.


Click it in there and fold it down.

Slap it onto the largest part and add the black piece in the center.

These frame parts fit in posts on the sides.

Onto those you’ll plug a black part then cover it with the white.

Weapons! Look at this thing!

Two smaller guns.

These mount on this section which features a piece that can slide.

The amount of movement in the sliding action isn’t too large.

This fits onto the back of the lower arm.

I’ll have the half-and-half.

Yes, you have all these as well.

For this purpose.

I guess I can put on all the rest of the armour.

(not shown: arm armour)

Here we go.

Let’s show him in a better light.

I like the look of the Lupus much better than the first Barbatos and I’m glad to see there were some slight design changes that make him more solid than the first one.

And yes you can attach the part to the back and plug that massive sword on there.

I like the view from the back better than the front maybe.

That sword must be heavy.


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