Gaijin Gunpla

Almost exactly three months ago I MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.)

Three months goes by quickly. I’m not ready!

There is just so much stuff in this huge box!

Including, but not limited to, these.

Those should look pretty familiar to anyone who has built an MG Zaku before. Some other similarities may lie in the runner makeup of this kit but first let me look at this manual.

Oh my.

English everywhere!

Speaking of frame covers.

Oh, Snap!

This kit is part of the Premium Decal Campaign so it has the special marking indicating such.

So where are those Premium Decals?

That’s a nice bonus. Here’s the regular decal sheet though.

Upon pulling everything out of the plastic and going through the runners I discovered…

All these are from the…

MG 1/100 Zaku Ver. 2.0

That pile includes the PC runner (pc-200).

Weapon runners.

And three frame runners.

So just how much of these runners are used in this new Zaku?

I was surprised to see this. I did originally think the FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver. Ka would be using the 2.0 frame and was stunned when I discovered it didn’t. Maybe this is a reverse stun. Until I start assembling I won’t know how the new parts work with the older parts. At least the Zaku 2 2.0 frame is one of the best I’ve encountered.

So let’s look through the new runners.

A runners


C x 2

D x 2

E x 2

I x 4!!!! (F, G, and H are the Zaku 2.0 runners.)

There are some small parts in this kit.


Check out how the laid out this piece.

L runners

N (there is no M runner in this kit).

P x 2

Q runners

That’s a nice shape.

R runners

The backpack looks so tiny.

S runners

Three of the Sturm Fauts.

And the base which has an O on it but is called Base Stand 5 in the manual.

Gonna need that!

I guess everything currently on my worktable gets swept into a box to make room for this bad boy. Is my work table big enough? I may have to clean my room!

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  1. Frankon says:

    If i ever order this the customs will kill me ^^ (based on the video).
    Also hope for a quick review of this monster. Hopefully with comparison to the 2.0 frame.

  2. Charlo says:

    Thanks for the unboxing Syd! This has more runners than any kit I’ve worked on (except PGs I suppose), it is kinda disappointing to see that it has re-used runners though.

    Probably will still end up not getting it as it is a quite expensive and will take a lot of space from my already limited shelving, and as Frankon is saying, customs will definitely charge me non-EU tax on this. 🙁

  3. Chase says:

    Is it me, or is that arm shield will be a pain in the arse in terms of nubmarks? Rather, does it have horrible gates, or I am wrong?

  4. Fabian says:

    Instructions in ACTUAL ENGLISH!!!

  5. Aldrich says:

    Curious to see on how the premium decals would react to decal setting solutions,

    Also that gold though 🙁

  6. HBSK says:

    They really are milking that “O” base. It’s also present on the Hashmal.

  7. Matt says:

    Out of curiosity, are the segmented pipe plate thingys from the other Zakus included? I want this, but don’t like the look of the vinyl coverings.

  8. Speed says:

    Excited but nervous to build mine
    Most of the mg ive built are the smaller ones

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