Gaijin Gunpla

First WIP post ended with a completely upper body. We are picking up from there for WIP #2.

The arm frame also uses some parts for the 2.0. Here it is the two sides that make up the elbow.

And now I’ve got a frame cover to put on.

These are the medium sized frame covers and the piece of runner I’d been using for the small frame covers is too narrow for these. So instead I used my design knife.

Even that was too narrow so I tried again with a Gunpla Marker.

That was a tight fit but it ended up working.

Slide that over the frame and tuck it into the tabs there.

Secure it on there with a red part going on from the front and a blue part on from the back.

You’ll need to be careful that the frame cover does not get pinched between those two armour parts. I used my trusty toothpick to reposition some wrinkles.

You’ll then need to bend the arm and, wow, look at all those warnings!

Do not leave wrinkles in this area.’ Oops. I pre-wrinkled the full length of the thing. No problem. I think.

I’ve just got to get these two frame parts around the top of the arm.

Easier said than done.

The frame covers here are preventing the frame pieces from joining completely but I may be able to force them together when I drop on the upper arm armour piece.

It took some effort but it went on.

Now to add the blue parts around the elbow and the cuff.

Create the shoulder joint using parts from the Zaku 2.0.

Slide on the armour part for that as well as the blue piece for the back of the elbow.

The ball joint piece and the little frame piece that goes in the bottom of the arm are from the 2.0 but all else is new.

And huge.

No 3.0 type hands on this kit. At first I felt disappointed but it’s got such huge weapons to hold that I think this is the best option.

When you construct the shield you’ll need to put two gold pieces inside.

Add a couple more after you put the inner part of the shield in place.

I suggest you use your tweezers here. If it goes in at the wrong angle you may never get it out.

Construct the attachment arm with 2.0 parts.

That’s one big arm.

Now repeat the process for the left arm.

This shoulder has the spikes and that setup is much more elaborate on this Zaku. Here is how it starts.

You’re asked to note the underside of the smaller piece so you can line it up correctly.

Put the first two white parts and the red part onto the large red shoulder piece.

Now you’ll add white parts to each side.


Now you need a bunch of these small things.

They have a certain way of lining up so you’ll most likely need tweezers or another tool to get them positioned correctly.


The three shoulder spikes are all the same and are made up of blue parts of the R runners and orange spikes off the A runner.

The connecting arm is the same as the opposite shoulder.


6 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Emical* says:

    So far it’s – plain simply – a gorgeous piece of kit.

  2. Frankon says:

    I think too that the non 3.0 hands are better.
    Also any chance after the build will be finished to compare the 2.0 frame to this one?

  3. jango says:

    you do get the 2.0 hands on the runners. you could probably use those if you prefer them.

  4. Paul says:

    Just a question, Syd: Would it be possible to use the old Zaku 2.0’s armor parts on this thing?

  5. Steven says:

    That white trim on the shoulder adds so much by doing so little. Love it.

  6. paoleezy says:

    are the extra hand pieces from the G runner enough to make another set of hands?

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