Gaijin Gunpla

After looking through the contents of the box I think I have a fair idea what to expect from this kit. I just have to sit down and start building. And I did.

As noted when we looked into the box contents certain parts from the MG Zaku 2.0 frame are used in this new Zaku MG. Here you can see the shoulder frame assemblies which are from the 2.0. They will fit into that large new piece.

Here is your pilot and pilot seat.

You don’t get to put the pilot figure in his chair with this kit. You simply slide him into his spot on the left side of the torso.

This may look familiar if you’ve assembled a Zaku 2.0 but it works a little differently here.

Instead of using that narrow piece as a lever to move the entire cockpit from one side of the torso to the other like on the 2.0 you instead are just opening and closing the door.

You’ll need to add the front frame section to secure it in place.

Manual suggests we check it.

These parts, which will make up the frame from of the lower torso, are all from the 2.0.

Add some orange.

Now to add the panels for the front of the chest.

On the 2.0 both of these could flip up but on this only the one on the right side has that ability.

It took quite a bit of pushing to get the right side piece in all the way.

You’ll need the front chest piece.

When you go to put on the two large blue parts that make up the sides of the torso you have four pieces instead of just two.

Under-gate alert!

The smaller piece will slot into the underside of the larger one.

You’ll need to make sure that smaller piece goes in evenly otherwise the connection won’t be tight in one areas which could affect how it goes onto the torso.

Now does this.

‘Tightly fit the parts as far as they will go.’

That’s as far as I could get it.

You actually have to tilt it upwards and then down to get it to slide fully into place.

Add some red.

Even these areas are meant to fit together a very specific way.

Add a whole bunch of thrusters.

You’ve got some frame parts to stick into the back.

Now for our first attempt at the Frame Covers on this new Zaku.

This is the small frame cover. It is 20 centimetres long. You need to cut it in half.

They give you this ruler at the top of the manual page.

I just happen to have one on my cutting matt.

Okay. I’m ready.

On the FA Gundam Thunderbolt kit they instructed you to wrinkle up the frame cover by inserting a piece into it and then pushing from both ends to scrunch it up. They don’t have you do that step on this kit.

It states to add the wrinkles after it is on. I’m not quite sure that’s the best way as trying to get the flat long frame cover onto this piece which has a couple of curves can be difficult.

I pre-wrinkled mine.

That is a piece from the edge of the B Runner which became available after the removal of parts during the build up to this point.

This cover is very narrow so I needed to find a way to get inside it.

In Gunpla, toothpicks are your friends.

That length of B gate is perfect.

It was quite easy getting them on this way.

Just plug that pipe into the side of the torso.

This is different than my previous experience with the FA Gundam. There you put the Frame Cover on the frame and then place armour around it so you never see the ends of the frame cover. Here the frame cover just slides along the pipe but the ends aren’t covered. I spend some time looking at those ends wondering if I was satisfied with the appearance.

Once those are on you turn your attention to the back of the kit.

Yes, that is all the backpack is. It’s quite tiny for such a monster as this.

I guess that makes my torso complete.

Now for the head.

The top piece is new, the rest are 2.0.

These are new as well.

Oh? Houston, we may have a problem.

That piece, the mono-eye, takes a sticker.

But this kit only comes with water-slide decals.

I really don’t want to get out my decal equipment just for one small eye sticker. Can I come up with a solution? I think I can.

That’s the HG MS-05S Char’s Zaku I which I was eager to build until this larger, crazier Zaku showed up. If you’ve built any of the Origin Zaku based kits you’ll get a sticker sheet similar to this:

You’re given two stickers that you can use for the mono-eye. I usually go with the one on the left. Which means I had no use for the other one. Until now. Placing that on the eye piece for the Psycho Zaku it was slightly too small so I cut away part of the colour that remains on the sheet when you pull the sticker off.

That gave me this.

It has a somewhat rounded look to it.

I like it.

Place the red pieces on.

I am digging this red.

Visor piece, which has undergates.

Back to the small Frame Covers. These are the same as those used for the torso but you’re cutting them into 8 cm lengths this time.

My frame cover tore.

I’ll have to trim that away.

I have about 6.5 centimetres to work with now.

Being the same circumference as the those on the torso they seem huge on the side of the head.

Add your mouthpiece, part for the back to secure the tubes, and the top of the head with sweet-looking orange fin.

Looks good.

The manual doesn’t say to do this yet but I’m doing it anyway.

Oh ya!

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  1. Ben says:

    Rather than the plastic wrap. Can i use the standard zaku circle piping?


  2. John DeKlein says:

    The slightly oversized pipe covers on the head give it a look of mutton chops.

    Otherwise, it’s looking good so far! I’m a huge fan of the Zaku 2.0 frame, so I’m happy they kept with what they knew was a good solid frame for this kit.

  3. Prowler says:

    Nice start, Syd!

    As i’m quite new to Gunpla & have only built RG’s, Is there any chance you can do a comparative shot with a RG & this please? I have NO idea how much bigger MG’s are over RG’s…

    Also, Why not paint the eye in a clear red?

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