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The Real Grade line takes another step in a different direction. After making an RG kit of the Sinanju Bandai turned their attention to Build Fighters and we now have our very own RG GAT-X105B / FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package. While I may not be as much a fan of BF as I am of Unicorn I’m a RG fan above all so let’s see what this new kit has for me and others like me (and others).

Overall Look: 8/10

I left off the Build Booster for these pictures because I wanted to show the back of the Build Strike.

And an interesting aspect which is the connection back there. It’s the same as in the Aile Strike RG kit.

Which means!

That looks pretty cool.

I do prefer the look of the Aile Striker Pack over that of the Build Booster but they are completely different machines with different functions.

Here’s the Build Booster when it’s not attached to the back of the Build Strike Gundam.

I also prefer the look of the Build Strike without that the Build Booster attached.

It allows you to focus on certain areas like the shoulders.

Small foil stickers are used in here but you need to look closely from certain angles to see them well.

In terms of looks as it pertains to overall proportions the Build Strike Gundam fits with the other kits in the Real Grade line

Colours: 8/10

I like the added red to the shoulders and side skirts and the inclusion of transparent parts, most noticeably on the knees, provides a much different look to the Aile Strike RG kit even though colour separation in the white tones is almost identical.

With the Build Booster attached, however, it is dominated by blue which I’m not necessarily a fan of.

If we had seen colour separation in the blue of the Build Strike I think it would have a much better effect.

Weapons: 9/10

You’re given several weapons here but they seem to revolve around the Beam Gun, that small pistol like looking weapon. Into that you can slide the separate barrel making a longer weapon.

That looks pretty sleek but I want to see that other Beam weapon and for that I need the handle from this one.

That large barrel will slide over the much smaller handle. Interestingly when you slide these attachments onto the handle a slide inside pushes backwards extending out the back.

This gun is so big it requires use of a second handle. When it comes time to grip it you slide it forward and out.

Beam Saber handles mount on the side skirts when not in use.

And you’ve got that very colourful Chobham Shield.

While completely new it uses the RG Frame connection like the early RG kits.

Lock and load!

Articulation: 8/10

I’ll be showing what he can do when the Build Booster is not on his back as he is terribly back heavy when that thing is in place. You do have some decent articulation but we already know that having experience with the Aile Strike RG.

Those shoulders may be much larger than the Aile’s but the movement in the joint handles that quite well.

The knee also bends well with the armour separating in section as the knee bends.

The ankle armour doesn’t get in the way at all thanks to the extender frame part inside.

Yes, that extender does make this guy taller than his Aile brother.

Even the frame parts on the underside of the side skirt which caused them to splay out to the side don’t seem to hinder movement in that area.

Strike a pose!

(Get it?)

Having said all that if you put the Booster on you won’t be able to do much of what I’ve just described. You’ll need a base.

Build Design: 9/10

This kit is based on the Aile Strike which is a fairly solid kit for being one of the earlier Real Grades but of course there is a lot new here and it’s the new stuff that we put turn our attention to and where we notice some possible problems.

I’ll start with the Build Booster and show the transformation you’ll need to do to put it on the back of your Build Strike.

A cool aspect of this is the landing gear provided so it can be displayed in this form without the need for a stand.

This isn’t an add-on piece but instead is part of the construction of the Build Booster. You’ll need to tuck that in to start the transformation.

Swing those long weapons forward.

Then down.

It’s here an issue arises. The connection between the long blue and frame parts is quite shallow and the joint is a ball joint which can twist in directions other than forward and back. If it tilts one way it appears to start separating the blue and frame parts leading to the potential of it falling apart.

This consistently happened as I was playing with the Build Booster.

Continuing on, slide the whole wing section forward on its frame piece.

This exposes a foil you put in there during assembly.

Swing the wing sections so they are vertical.

YOu can then reposition the wings so the smaller inside wing is fully visible.

Tilt the nose down and expose the connection to the back of the Build Strike.

That’s a lot of blue.

Another issue I encountered when posing this kit is the foot coming off the extender frame piece.

I pushed it back in and had it come off once more since then.

I had one more issue which I can’t determine is a fault of the kit or something I did wrong but I’m having trouble with the rifle. Bandai supplies moulded hands for gripping the rifle. I place the tab on the handle of the rifle into the hand and then.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? The handle covers part of the hollow that will take the tab on the other part of the gripping hand. That means I can’t close this hand around the handle.

I guess I’ll have to use one of the old school hands.

That looks fine but has trouble due to the weight at the end of the gun.

There will be sag.

You can swing the weapons on the Build Booster forward (but be mindful of the part separation) and pop out the handles and go all Strike Freedom.

I like SF’s version better.

Fun Factor: 7/10

Having built the RG Aile Strike (twice) and the Strike Rouge I feared that this would be more of the same. And a lot of it is. However, there is enough new stuff here to keep your interest and if you’ve never built the Aile Strike then this kit may kickstart your curiosity and have you looking in that direction. It’s up to you to determine which is more enjoyable.

Extras: 8/10

Any time there is a pilot figure in your 1/144 RG kit you can’t help but marvel at just how tiny it is and the Build Strike’s figure, being a young lad, is even smaller.

You can see you’re given the stand adaptor and an extra hand. Actually, you’re given two extra hands as Bandai has provided a closed-fist hand for each arm.

Yup, that’s right. You don’t need to use those molded hands that come on the arm frame on the RG B runner.

Even the Sinanju made you use those! And they were the wrong size! (Rrrr)

But you’re only provided with the grip hand for the right side so even if you wanted to wield that weapon in the left hand you couldn’t do it. But you’re given the armour piece anyway.

As always you’re given a huge set of markings.

And you’ve got an assortment of parts that belong to the Aile that didn’t find their way onto the Build Strike.

I shall enjoy using these in assorted projects.

The Build Strike Gundam Full Package is a nice addition to the Real Grade line but not one I was blown away by. I’ve still got all those markings, and likely panel lines, to do but there are other kits I’ll be working on before that time comes. He belongs to the Real Grade Complete Project now.

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  1. Manpig says:

    The lowest scored RG so far, now that is very disappointing. I really was looking forward to this kit, I love the build strike and I thought the RG looked like one of the best i’ve seen. Oh well, i’m getting it anyways so I can see and review it for myself, so I can tell if it’s really as bad as the score makes it out to be.

    • Beige says:

      I think part of the lower score comes from the ‘been there, done that’ part of the kit; syd said he’s built the basic strike twice already, and the strike rouge – since the build is very simmilar, it’s understandable it wouldn’t make as much of an impact. Add in the fact it shares a lot of its engineering with one of the oldest RG’s and it having a lower build quality score compared to others makes sense as well, as most other RGs have refined the engineering since then

      also, the scores on the chart and the scores on the actual sections don’t match up perfectly. XD

      still getting this kit myself because I love the build strike, but I can see why it’d be ranked lower

      • S2 says:

        You’re spot on when it comes to why this received the lower score. RG for me has always been cutting edge but they went back to basically the Strike Gundam again. Also, thanks for pointing out the scores don’t match up. I went back and corrected it and it bumps the score up to 81.4% Still the lowest among RG kits but when you compare to scores in the other categories it actually rates higher than a lot of HG and MG kits.

  2. Manpig2 says:

    Syd you dont put the rifle well thats why you cant close the hand

    • S2 says:

      The tab on the rifle handle can only fit one way in the recess in the hand however it looks like you’re meant to place the finger part on first and around the handle before putting the tab in the hand. I had the tab break off when I tried to manoeuvre it too forcefully.

      • brian says:

        Syd look at the instructions. Youre supposed to put the fingers over the handle before plugging the tab in not the other way around. Its weird since its reverse of whats normal on other kits but its there in the instructions clearly.

      • S2 says:

        Ya, I went back and played with again and determined that it’s the reverse order. I know you always need to pay close attention to the manual but I was on auto-pilot when I got near the end of this build.

      • A Gunpla Newb says:

        Well frankly I have the same problem, so I just cut the extension on the beam rifle and just glue it up, bwcahse there is no way to do it. And if I want to attach the beam saber, I just remove the hand and change to the articulated hand. And if I want to change the barrel on the rifle, I just change it.

  3. Kiko says:

    RG Build Strike is a good kit though I am actually expecting a low score for this but not that low. lol

  4. Jango says:

    I mentioned this in an earlier post but in case you don’t know the Build Booster is based on the Strike Rouge’s Ootori pack so you can combine the Aile Striker pack with the Build Booster.
    here’s an example of the HG kit doing it.

  5. sablenk87 says:

    I believe the figure is Sei, but the one who pilot it is Reiji, i have hope that there will be RG universe booster,with plavsky gate and all the wing effects and Reiji figure. Then I’ll buy this Build Strike
    I love those shoulders, it makes the strike looks more menacing and sexy

  6. Prowler says:

    As I’ve not built the Aile Strike (yet), I’m not sure to start with this 1st, or the older (& at the moment, cheaper) AS.

  7. Beige says:

    An understandable score, but still a suit I’m excited for. I love the shilouette of the build strike more than the base, especially with the build boosters wings on

    does the build strike share the base strike’s inbalance when backpackless? because I have two rg strikes (wanted aile and sword) and both are wobbly legged even when it doesn’t have the backpack attatched, which is a shame

  8. Marc says:

    This had 80% when it first came up…now it’s 81.4%. What changed?

  9. Ivan says:

    Syd, what about waist section? Is it weak or not? I didn’t build rg aile strike, so I don’t know what expect from this kit. Can you help me?

    • Bryan says:

      I am utterly wierded by all this RG waist joint issue i am hearing all too frequently. I never, in my RG building have expirience a loose weist joint issue, if not, all my RG’s seems to have a built in waist lock. It seems that they were made to be connected on the waist permanently to the torso.

      • Bryan says:

        Follow up, i am currently building my buildstrike RG, either i am very lucky or the weist issue is a ruse, but my RG Build strike’s waist join is damn too solid! I’ve never have heard a pop as pronounce as the sound it produced after i have connected the torso on the waist. And no, i didn’t break mine.

  10. Yoshiko_Sakurauchi says:

    This will be my second RG after the Zgok, I’m sure that this will be a fresh experience for me.
    Also I was really excited for this kit since I’m a big Build Fighters fan. I’m kinda crossing my fingers for a RG Sengoku now.

  11. Lyn says:

    I recently finished building this kit. Having now built 4 RG’s (Aile Strike, Strike Freedom, Destiny and now Build Strike), I’m honestly not surprised by the score. While it’s a nice kit, a major game breaker, for me anyway, was the way the feet connect to the legs. It’s terrible, always falling off if I so much as look at it funny. None of the other RG’s I’ve built have such crappy ankle support as this one does.

    • A Gunpla Newb says:

      Yeah, I dont have a stand base for RG so I just put it near a study lamp. And about feet problem, I solved it a bit so it didn’t fell.

  12. Rolly says:

    I thought you were just being overly hard on thus kit. After spending the time to line and add all the stickers before coating and building it, I’m thinking you went to easy on it. The feet will not stay on and it’s just a huge step back in every way.

  13. Ivan M. says:

    Hi. I recently finished this kit and I’m not too happy with the result as I was with the 00 Raiser or the Wing Zero.
    Also, I was wondering if I did something wrong or it’s a common issue of this kit but the little pieces between the hands and the arms fall off every time I change the hands and they are really loose even with the hand attached.

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