Gaijin Gunpla

I mentioned in the last post how I was leaving the extra armour parts for the legs for now. I’m also going to be skipping this step for the time being.

There are a lot of weapons of this kit, obviously, but many of them have been seen before in various 2.0 MG Zaku II kits. Though this looks interesting.

But before I assemble anything like the weapons, which I’ll just be setting aside until later, I wanted to tackle this all-new thing.

That, my friends, is a backpack.

Start by preparing two of these.

You’ll then attach these to a third piece and then onto the large piece of the backpack. The brownish parts are from the Q runner while the grey parts are from the N runner which features some of the parts for the stand as well.

You’ll now need the last white part from the A1 runner.

That flew off on me early in the build.

Put these together and add the bottom.

There are openings at the bottom which these small parts, when lined up and inserted correctly, fill.

These become important later. For now, we’ve got some thrusters to take care of.

You’ll put the thrusters into a large side piece along with a smaller red and then white part.

The next step is to place in a small frame part and cover it with a piece from the blue ‘R’ runner.

That frame piece twists.

Once those are in you close up that section.

Two more parts go on to complete the side.

Once I had that closed up I looked again at the tiny, moving frame part that I had just inserted.

There is a small edge on the end of that cylinder that changes orientation when you turn the piece.


You repeat the process for the other side with all the same parts. The only difference is how you line up that rotating frame part.

The part is exactly the same but it lays in facing the opposite direction that the previous one did.

So you’re ready to double the size of your backpack.

Now the fun begins.

You’ll be assembling four of these.

You’ll need to line up the shape on the inside of this piece.

With the line of this piece.

Then add the white part to the top.

Grab all your I runners.

You’ll need piece number 4 from all four I runners.

And then…

From each of the two A runners you’ll need 8 of these.

These go on with a loud click and it does take some effort to push them on.

With all those ready you’ll prepare two of these.

You’ll slide a ring onto a peg and then slide that round piece on afterwards.

That will then be closed up with another of the same ring.

The next two you build are the same but slightly different.

Rather than having only one of the white parts go on these take two.

Note how you have to slide the peg into this one.

Once that’s done there will be two of each.

The first two go on the sides at the top and the latter two go at the bottom.

Now add those thruster-filled sections.

Note you’ll have to line these up properly.

There you go!

I’m done, right?

Not at all.

Two of these.

Throughout this stage you’ll be using quite a few of these.

And a couple more frame parts.

Now combine what you’ve made so far.

Then put it aside and build two of these.

And these.

Then these.

Combine again everything you’ve built so far.

Then plug these into the top of the backpack.

Those arms will unroll and extend out.

Normally, the next step is to attach the backpack to the Zaku but this kit has you build the stand first because he can’t stand up if the backpack is on. Well, he can but something needs to happen.

You’ll need to unroll the arms so more weight is moved to the front.

The way the backpack attaches to the Zaku is quite interesting but I’ll show it in more detail once I’ve got the stand build. That’s where I’m headed now.

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