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I’ve had this kit built for some time but something or other came up that caused me to delay writing about it. Now that I have some down time due to the year end holiday I can now talk a little about the HG MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral Custom).

This is very much like a Zaku but it does look pretty badass in the Origin Artwork.

Like other kits in the Origin line you will have markings to put on though not as many as in other kits.

Did you want to know more about Mr. Ral? Here you go.

I’ll show the box contents to make up for lack of detailed WIP. These runners are labeled Zaku (Origin)

Here come the new parts but they are labeled not as Bugu but as MS-04.

The poly-cap runner is standard and the weapon, it’s just called Machine Gun.

This kit is so much like the previous Zaku kits from Origin that a detailed WIP would seem redundant. Instead I’ll point out interesting aspects of the build.

Such as the completion of the torso.

At this stage of the build you’ve got what looks like tubes/cables to install.

It definitely has an interesting look and if you notice I’ve got half a head assembled up there. You’re meant to put that part on before the tubing, if I recall correctly.

Here’s the head.

It’s like a slow, fat shark.


Oddly, you’re building the shoulders at the same time but one shoulder comes on the B runner while the other is on the D runner.

I guess that’s because these Zaku runners are the way they are due to the two different shoulders but the Bugu has the same shoulders on both sides.

So you get to build both arms at the same time.

Oops, I built two of the same side.

No, I didn’t. This is how the manual has you build the other side.

Yup, just swing that around.

Add the hands.

Frame for the legs.

These are different from what we usually use.

But for the ankles you have two new pieces here.

Yup, you’re not using the piece from the zaku runner.

These are actually angled out slightly.

Add some small parts to the lower leg armour.

You’ll still close it like you usually do with these HG kits.

Though you need to be aware that there is a section of the lower leg armour piece that needs to slide in at a certain angle for it to work.

Outside of that the rest is pretty vanilla.

I’m digging the look of the Bugu.

But it’s very much the same kit as the Origin Zakus.

It’s got a different weapon though.

And a different shield.

These Origin kits are great so whether you’re building a Zaku or a Bugu you’re guaranteed a great result.

I feel good getting that post up and out of the way. Now I can get back to nursing my New Year’s hangover.

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  1. Darrenev says:

    Hey syd have you check out those new star wars kit? I heard they are pretty nice 🙂

  2. JG says:

    I dig the look of the suit since the blue stands out from the rest of the HG Origin line, but but the kit should lose points for just re-using the Gundam Local Type’s gun and the WAAF’s shield for the weapons…

  3. noob_sauce says:

    I like it, other than it’s a lot of blue. I’d feel better about it if the pipes were gray or something. I’m not looking for insane color separation, but you need to break the blue up a bit more.

  4. K says:

    Love the compact look of this guy.

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