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Thanks to everyone who donated during the month of December. The winner of the MG Heavy Arms EW Custom kit has been chosen and I will be contacting them soon but it’s New Year’s Day so please allow me some time.

To kick off 2017 I have another crazy kit in the form of the

RE/100 Efreet Schneid

Yes, the RE/100 Efreet Custom was a sweet kit but the Schneid version makes the Custom seem meed and tame in comparison. Check out the manual shots.

I spot a huge bazooka! One that I just built three times for the Psycho Zaku Thunderbolt kit.

There is a lot of stuff in this box which despite being the same size as the regular release is quite a bit heavier.

Here are the sticker sheets.

That’s a lot of foils. They are meant for these things.

Are those kunai?

I’ll include the promo shots so everyone can see it in its glory.

This is my favourite.

Just like last time, to join in this, and to help me out while doing so, all you need to do is click the ‘Support Gaijin Gunpla’ button I put into the right sidebar right below the comments field.

As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Good luck to anyone who partakes and Happy New Year! May 2017 be a great year for everyone.

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  1. Phillax says:

    Happy 2017 everyone!

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    …and done!

    Happy new year, Syd, and everyone else around here!!!

  3. HBSK says:

    *Syd looks at the bazooka*


  4. Wieda says:

    You deserved a donation!

  5. dannick says:

    look at that amazing bazooka, no choice but to donate

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