Gaijin Gunpla

Ok, another 1/100 frame from IBO. We’ve already had the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus and now it’s time for number two, the
1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Vidar.

I guess I don’t have to point out that most of the frame on this kit is the same as the previous 1/100 kits? I’ll post what’s different in the Vidar instead of what is the same. It will be less redundant that way.

The Vidar has its own set of stickers.

Most of those, though, are what we’ve seen in the original 1/100 Barbatos kit.

Torso is the same so no need to go into detail there.

But the head is all new (aside from the poly-cap).

The skirt frame uses a new part for the back.

Now for some new stuff! When assembling the feet you’ll first use these three new parts.

You can see how that blade flips up.

The frame parts here are reused from the first 1/100s.

But you’ll be applying new parts for the front and the blade found there.

The frame was a quick assembly.

To recap, new parts for the head, back of the skirt, and feet.

So let’s armour him up. These parts are all new so the WIP will be more detailed from this point on.

In the armpit you attach one black part for each arm.

Parts for the chest.

You have to squeeze it together at the correct angle to get it to close completely.

Parts for the head.

Upper arm armour, front and back.

Lower arm dark armour.

Add the lighter blue.

I like the colours here.

The shoulders are four parts each.

The fit on the shoulder frame parts much more securely than on previous 1/100 IBO kits.

Add dark parts to the lower legs.

You’ll need to make four of these thrusters in total, each involving a frame coloured part and an inner red piece.

One goes not he front of the leg.

Upper leg dark parts and thrusters to the back.


Rear skirt!

It can swing upwards slightly.

The side skirts take some work the first step of which is to make two of these for each one.

Plug those onto the larger part.

You’ll add the opposite side and it’s white piece at this point.

For the underside you’ll add a frame part and a poly-cap.

Note how that frame parts slides.

Add the end part.

Now you need three of these for each side.

I feel like I’m playing pick-up-sticks.

Slide those into the openings on the side skirt.

Add the part that will allow the skirts to attach to the frame.

Let’s leave those for now and look at the backpack. That involves this red part and its stickers.

There are four of them used here with each side using two of them.

After that is stickered you can start assembly.

That vernier at the bottom tilts.

Now for the binders or whatever you prefer to call them.

Snap those on and you’ve got the parts for a completed MS.

I’ve got the weapons to assemble still, though that won’t take long. I am liking the look of the armoured Vidar so I’ll be back with some nice shots.

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  1. Manpig says:

    Nice one syd,
    Do you have barbatos lupus as well

  2. Jango says:

    you forgot a part. part A7 goes into the center of the V-fin.

  3. JG says:

    Is the IBO Full Mechanics line just scaled-up versions of the HG 1/144 builds? I’ve done quite a few of them, and from what I see, the 1/100 Full Mechanics look veeeerrrrryyyyy similar…

  4. Evora410 says:

    You know how the Vidar has an extra reactor on its back? Well that’s not because it needs more power, but because the pilot needs to hide Vidar’s identity as the Kimaris. Since each Ahab reactor is unique, without the third reactor, Vidar would’ve been easily identified as the Kimaris, or probably the Kimaris trooper.

    • axeven says:

      Interesting theory. I will also add that probably the third reactor is from Graze Ein, including Ein’s brain or whatever left of his.

      • Kushal Naik says:

        I think the part about the third reactor disguising his identity is canon, actually, I remember it being mentioned in the show.

  5. Adrindrata says:

    Actually surprised no one made a 1/100 vidar mod with SnK theme yet..

  6. Francisco says:

    Anyone know what’s up with the leftover parts: D-4, D-10×2, C1-1×2, C1-4×2, and C1-12×2?

    • Francisco says:

      Never mind. I took a look at the Barbatos link, and it looks like those are the foot parts and the back skirt from Barbatos that were replaced for Vidar. I wonder if it was an oversight or if it was just less expensive to leave them in. Who knows, it might be a bit of both.

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