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Only 3 hours after I posted the First Look post I was sitting down with the new GM Sniper II and cutting off parts. Looking at the runners when I first opened the box, I had a pretty good idea when and what parts from the 2.0 Gundam kit I would be using during the assembly the process and it turns out you’re using them in the very first step.

Here you’ve got a new main frame piece from the new F runner and then two smaller 2.0 parts.

You may recognise the parts shown here as well but in actuality that small ring piece is from the new runner and not the old one.

Assemble those inner workings and then drop them onto the main frame.

You’ll then cover it up with a large piece from the blue runner.

The pilot now has his moment in the sun.

I use that expression because once he goes in here he’s not going to see the light of day again most likely.

A red piece covers him up almost completely and then you’re adding more coloured parts.

In order to get that assembly onto the main frame you need to live up the collar and slide it in at a certain angle before lowering the collar back down.

If you’re not lined up correctly the front section won’t slide all the way in place and lowering the collar can stress areas of the plastic.

You should see no gap when looking at it from below.

It took several tries and a bit of force to get these two completely joined.

Lower torso frame parts.

Add the lighter blue.

That will slide onto the peg at the bottom of the main frame and you’ll also be putting an armour piece around the neck at the top.

Prepare the back armour parts.

And the one for the front as well.

You also need to insert the neck peg piece into the main neck part.

When inserted all the way it looks like this.

This looks like it hasn’t been inserted far enough but that’s as far as it will go. Unsure if this was correct or not I left the neck off of the torso until I could test it with an assembled head.

And speaking of head, that’s the next step. And you’ll need a sticker. Fittingly, it’s number 1.

The head goes together simply enough at the start.

You’ll need to put a clear green piece on over the mono-eye before adding the blue armour.

Next up, the visor. There are small parts used here.

I’ve positioned my knife there to give an idea how small those parts are.

I used my tweezers to make sure the green part was pushed all the way in.

Before that small section goes on the main visor piece you’ll need to apply a sticker.

Lay the visor in place and then secure it with the side armour parts.

Visor down.

Visor up.

You’ve got a small part to place on each side to finish off the head.

Now let’s test that neck connection.

Quite a bit of force was required to get it on there but it’s not moving once on. It’s quite solid actually.

He’s looking at you. You may not realise you’re being looked at. He’s a sniper.

For the arms the upper and lower arm frame parts are 2.0 but the elbow areas are new.

This feel quite familiar.

Add the elbow guard.

He may spend some time propped on his elbows so a good guard is a must.

Frame part is 2.0 but the armour, it goes without saying, is new.

The poly-cap goes into a new frame part before being inserted into the wrist.

Aside from the new large piece all shoulder joint frame parts are 2.0.

Now for the hands.

The lower parts are from the MP hand A runner which, if I recall correctly, was first used in the AGE-1 MG.

You’re not using the wrist parts from that runner, however.

You’ve got new parts for that.

I really liked the AGE-1 hands so I’m glad to see them making a return.

Elbows bend well.

I think he should be able to prop himself up just fine.


Add a frame part to the shoulder joint assembly and swing it into place and then attach the shoulders themselves.

Not bad for a first session.

The good thing about these small-box MG kits is you can get a lot done in a short amount of time so if you’re impatient like me sometimes you’ll satisfy your desire to see a completed model rather quickly. I believe this took my about an hour and a half.

Now for the rest. Can’t wait to get home and sneak myself another session.

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