Gaijin Gunpla

Chapter I ended with a completed (for the most part) upper body. Let’s proceed with the lower body which starts with the skirt.

These frame pieces are from the Gundam 2.0 kit but we work on something new right after that.

The larger red part goes in from the back while the smaller one slides into the front.

This frame part that drops on top is new.

The front skirts are made up of four parts with only the small ball joint piece being retained from the 2.0.

The large rear skirt is made of one part from and one part armour.

But you’ll add some extra pieces onto the back.

These two parts join at the end making a hinge which is then covered by another armour part.

You then plug it onto the back skirt.

Once on, however, the hinge doesn’t really have room to act like a hinge and movement is very limited.

The beam saber handles are comprised of two pieces.

Plug them onto the back skirt then pop that onto the frame and add a light blue cover to the top of the skirt.

The assembly of the feet should be familiar to anyone who has assembled a kit based on the Gundam 2.0

The entire frame is reused with the new armour going on around it.

I can’t say this disappointed me too much. As much as I think it’s kind of lazy on bandai’s part to reuse things so often for so long (they’ll call it cost-cutting) the 2.0 frame was such fun and doesn’t seem outdated at all.

Reused ankle parts.

You use new parts for the ankle armour. You’re given a solid frame part to go on the ankle from behind which is then secured by the armour.

2.0 leg parts.

The knee frame parts are new for this kit.

The frame part for the top at the back is old but you’re given a new part for the knee.

Then new parts all around for the side and front of the lower legs.


You’ll add a pivoting frame part to the back of the lower leg and then pop in thrusters and red parts inside those thrusters.

At this point you’ll start adding armour and differentiating between the right and left legs. Unfortunately, this is where I had to stop so the completed legs will be shown in the next post.

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  1. Kushal Naik says:

    GM Sniper post two-two has you building a skirt? More like tutu, then.

  2. Adrindrata says:

    Would you rather get kits with a lot of reused parts like this or go the IBO 1/100 kinda reuses? Since a real brand new kit is kinda hard to get

    • S2 says:

      I’d rather have an MG with some reused frame parts over a 1/100 IBO kit with the entire frame being redone over and over.

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