Gaijin Gunpla

I was really looking forward to getting back on this kit and even delayed my attendance at the Moogle Chocobo Festival to put in a final build session. I had previously completed most of the legs so getting back to it I only really needed to add armour.

With the top front and sides on you then add the foot before sliding the lower rear leg armour onto the kit just below the rear thrusters and adding the long front piece.

It’s here that the manual has you stop building both legs at the same time and instead finish the right leg. You’ll build the hip joint first.

These are 2.0 parts with only the light blue piece being new.

Just like the 2.0 you put the hip joint on and then the rear upper armour which will lock it down preventing the joint from coming off the leg (unless you pull too hard). You’ll also add a final armour piece to the lower rear leg around the thrusters.

Once on there isn’t a lot of movement of those thrusters.

Side skirts.

Plug the legs into the skirt frame.

Add the side skirts.

Now you add the upper body.

Looks great.

You’ve still a backpack to assemble.

Here are the two outside areas which will plug into the main section.

You then add the thrusters.

The red piece has to align a certain way to fully go into the thruster but it’s quite deep so it’s not easy to see that alignment when you’re trying to get the red part in there. Once you’re successful the two thrusters then go on a dark blue piece.

This will then connect to the backpack and then be covered with the final armour parts.

That backpack is perfect for this guy.

So now for that thing that gives this guy his name. No, I’m referring to the Sniper Rifle. You’ll need this part first.

You’ll have to clip off the extra plastic seen there before you can lay it into the body of the rifle.

There is a small frame part that slides onto the cylinder before you do that, however.

I want to point out that in this picture the small part is on facing the wrong direction. Luckily I noticed before it was too late.

Assemble the scope.

Drop that on after you’ve plugged in another frame part.

You’ll also add a tiny piece to the end of the barrel as well.

(yes, that frame part on the cylinder is still facing the wrong direction, he says sheepishly)

Luckily I noticed before it was.. okay so I had to take the body of the rifle apart but this is plamo, it’s never too late.

There we go.

With the Sniper Rifle done you move on to the submachine gun and its three ammo magazines.

The body of the machine gun is only three parts.

Once assembled you’ll add the ammo and the barrel.

So now for the shield.

Oh, look. This kit has under-gates.

You’ll add frame parts to the underside.

Then follow that up with frame parts from the 2.0 runner.

The final step is to add the dark blue.

That wraps up the build. Now to play with it. Bandai includes a new hand part on the F runner just for holding that Sniper Rifle.

It’s time to get sniping!

As for the Moogle Chocobo Festival? It was okay.

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  1. MechaGaikotsu says:

    Waiting mine to arrive and review it 🙂
    Hope it doesn’t need any glue this time.. all of the gunpla need massive glue to hold them since they’re very fragile..

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Syd, thanks for the post. Love the look of the kit. Just out of curiosity, do you not like undergated parts? I’ve noticed you call it out specifically on some posts, but it doesn’t always seem in a positive light.


    • S2 says:

      I usually like undergates but in this case I found it odd that they would only undergate that one part and not anything else on the kit.

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