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It seemed almost shocking when it was revealed that we would be getting an MG kit in January, just after the monster that was the Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka Thunderbolt kit but there it was another MG and this time something a lot less elaborate. The MG GM Sniper II is an interesting choice for a Master Grade release and it definitely had people talking. Now I get to talk about it.

Overall Look: 9/10

The GM Sniper isn’t an MS that would spring to mind if someone were to ask me for a list of favourites but being an MG I can’t not build it and after doing so I’ve found that I’ve grown quite fond of it. While the GM variations don’t grab the eye like many of the newer MS and protagonist suits we see now there’s something pleasing about it aesthetically. However, it is also so unstriking that I think I could forget its details if I turn away for too long. I guess that’s what being a grunt suit is all about.

Colours: 9/10

This category is similar to the previous one where I would admit that ifa sked to change anything to make improvements I don’t know if I could come up with an ideas. It is solid all around. The two blues work together well and the added touches of red work perfectly. Usually Gundam colour combinations will include a fourth colour but that’s not included here.

Weapons: 10/10

As a sniper the GM has everything it should have in its nicely designed Sniper Rifle that he can carry around and look imposing while doing so.

It features a bipod that folds up and also can slide forward and back.

But Bandai didn’t settle with just giving their GM Sniper a Sniper Rifle for its weaponry. They also included a bullpup machine gun.

This comes in handy when the enemy is no longer at long range.

If the enemy moves into melee range Mr. Sniper has two beam sabers at his disposal which are within easy reach on the back of his rear skirt.

And he comes with a shield for extra protection.

It mounts onto the arm via a connection at the back and is quite solid once on there.

It also features a little set of legs underneath that can swing out and prop up the shield so it stands on its own.

I guess he may need some extra protection if he’s not prepared to move until he’s taken the shot.

Articulation: 10/10

The GM Sniper II is based on the RX-78-2 2.0 kit from 2008 (it’s been that long already?) and features the same great articulation. I’ll write more about the design choice in the next section after I’ve shown more of what this kit can do.

Ya, he’s a sturdy fella.

You get a great range of motion in the hips, knees, and ankles.

So you’ll be able to do standard sniper poses.

It also has much the same shoulder joints as the Gundam 2.0 giving it a lot of movement up top.

The torso has a design that sees it tilt sideways as well as forward.

And even the neck areas tilts forward significantly.

The head, however, won’t turn sideways much in either direction.

And you also get a lot of motion in the wrists thanks to a new design there.

All of this adds up to give the GM what it needs to position himself realistically with its Sniper Rifle.

Build Design: 10/10

This kit is interesting in what it chooses to keep from other designs and what it chooses to change or alter. For the most part the frames for the arms and legs are right from the 2.0 something I’m quite familiar with having built the GM 2.0, the RX-78-2 2.0 and its G3 variant, and even the recent Amazing Red Warrior. Some of the new elements of the design have been mentioned when I wrote about its articulation but there are others worth mentioning such as the improvement to the area at the back of the ankle.

On the 2008 kits that area had a small armour piece you put on to cover the frame but it wasn’t secured in any way and would constantly fall off. On the GM Sniper II this piece actually is integrated into the side and front ankle armour sections so once it’s on, it won’t go anywhere. This is a welcome addition.

A similar frame cover is found on the shoulder joint assembly.

While this isn’t necessary it does cover up the frame assembly there and gives it a much simpler look.

The visor can open and close and stays put in both positions.

The thrusters on the back of the legs can even tilt though the armour part there doesn’t allow much movement at all.

And while Bandai didn’t choose to go with the 2.0 hands on this kit they instead chose the best option for the fixed mold fingers, those from the MG AGE-1 Normal. They worked fantastically and I’m surprised we haven’t seen them more often before now.

Fun Factor: 9/10

Being back to a 2.0 kit seemed like a bit of let down, especially when we got an all new frame for the FA Gundam Ver.Ka Thunderbolt kit. The 2.0 frame is turning out to be a classic so going back to it one more time is understandable and the changes they’ve made make for an even better kit, but after using that frame so often I found myself on autopilot when assembling certain sections. It’s quite fun to play with once finished which can make up for any feeling of monotony you may experience.

Extras: 9/10

With the Sniper II you get the extra hands parts from the MP Hand A runner from the AGE-1 but just for this kit you’re given one more extra hand part which fits perfectly on the rifle handles.

You get two extra ammo magazines for the bullpup.

And maybe the best extra is the plentiful stickers featuring an assortment of numbers in various sizes so you can designate your GM Sniper II any way you like. That’s a luxury you don’t get most often.

You’ll end up with a few leftover parts from the 2.0 frames which you can use towards other projects.

But don’t throw those away because that’s where the action base adapter is.

And you’ll have the wrists from the AGE-1 if you want them.

The GM Sniper II is a simple kit and a great change of pace after building Ver. Ka Master Grades for the last couple of years. It’s not mind-blowing like what we’ve seen in those but it’s a solid kit offering a lot of fun.

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  1. noob_sauce says:

    I like feddie grunt suit kits.

  2. tim ong says:

    The inner frame is ABS? Or converted to PS?

  3. Evora410 says:

    Btw if you didn’t know this already the beam sabers can store on the top of the shield and the extra ammo cartridges can store on the pegs on the shield stand as well.

  4. Changingman72 says:

    I guess this MG just made the 15 year old B-club resin conversion kit that I have somewhere redundant. LOL. Awesome kit.

  5. Feddie says:

    Can the bullpup be held with the left hand?

  6. Phillax says:

    Hey, grunt suits got their own appeal!

    Looking at the pictures I got the same vibe (good one) as with Jesta,the design is functional like in real world military.

  7. AscendantEvincar says:

    My favorite color is blue but for some reason, I prefer the color scheme of the older GM Sniper (that one from The 08th MS Team). Pretty good kit, nonetheless.

  8. Dark says:

    Does anyone know when they started having english translation to the manual? I spent like 30 minutes just reading the manual when I got it.

    • OrdinaryOldtype says:

      October of 2016 is when the HGIBO Gundam Barbatos Lupus became the first Gunpla with included English translation all around.

      The MG Psycho Zaku [Thunderbolt] Ver.Ka, the first Master Grade with included English text, was released in December of 2016.

  9. cavin chon says:

    It’s an awesome kit, but somehow I prefer the darker color. I think I will paint the light blue to navy, and the navy to a darker blue. And weather it to look more veteran.

  10. garry says:

    Hmmm anybody knows about acronym of “TH” decal logo on this GM sniper II ? just curious 🙂

  11. ace says:

    Mine keeps falling aprt. The legs and shoulders wont stay on. But my jesta is perfect I can pose like an action figure but the sniper gm I can’t even pose it properly. HELP!!

    Any suggestions how to fix my sniper gm. I I have cement s glue but it’s too weak I guess.

    I’m new to gunpla. Alot of the kits I made have limbs fall off and my cement s glue isnt working.

    • Ed says:

      I found that the arm joint I used for holding up the shield did weaken over time, since the arm poly-caps aren’t too strong.

      If your joints are loose, tighten the pegs or ball joints with a gloss topcoat or a bit of superglue (wait for it to dry!).

      Gunpla are also generally less durable than action figures, so they won’t be able to take the same level of use without some parts or pieces falling off.

    • Stephen says:

      Strange, I haven’t heard the Sniper 2 (and it’s variants) ever having issues. Is everything pushed in properly enough? You might have to remove the armor and look at the inner frame.

      What kits do you have that the limbs fall off? Some are more fragile than others (looking at you, RG Sinanju) but they shouldn’t be hand grenades.

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