Gaijin Gunpla

It seems like not long ago I was assembling the Guncannon Early Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron) kit but here I am again with another version. Make that two. Maybe. The best way to find out what’s the same and what’s different about the HG Guncannonn Mobility Test Type / Thermal Test Type is to pop open that every orange box.

You can see that you have the parts to make the Mobility Test Type and/or the Thermal Test type.

And the markings for both.

I notice right away that each version has a different head.

But they are both different from the Iron Cavalry version. You can see them as additions to the runner.

Let’s do that now.

While flipping through runners I noticed this one.

I remember on the Iron Cavalry Guncannon that you used one of those parts for each arm and were left with one extra. That seemed odd at the time. I kind of understand why now. You are making a third arm.

Check out the load of additions to this runner.

These parts give it away.

You can see they are additions to the runner, too.

This is an arm to replace one of the two arms however it’s not swappable with the removable arms on Origin kits like the Gouf and Mobile Worker.

Now to assemble some long projectile firing weapons. I at first thought this the same as the one on the Iron Cavalry but it’s not at all.

The parts for it are all new.

And you get two sets of them.

Shoulder gatlings are the same, though.

You’re given a machine gun with this kit. You may recognize it as the one from the Bugu.

It will work with the hand claws on the Guncannon, thankfully.

I guess I have to pick one now.

You can see that what weapon I mount will determine what backpack parts to put on.

I remember having these on the Iron Cavalry and thinking it odd as there was no use for the second of each on that kit.

Okay, so I should choose.


Let me get back to you.

[Editor’s note: Just when he thought he made up his mind the GM Sniper II showed up.]

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  1. B-Nuts says:

    Wow, Syd got ambushed by the GM Sniper II on the FM Vidar AND this one.

  2. Prowler says:

    Hate cliffhangers!

    Whens the next installment? 🙂

  3. Danforth Vista says:

    those large caliber cannons appeared in the guncannon early type, the one with tank treads. i got frustrated with those hydraulics because it’s too fragile making me replace it with a metal rod :/

  4. Beige says:

    it’s a guncannon – it’d be a bit of false advertizing if all it carred where piddly little machine guns XD

    The huge calibur cannons all the way. don’t make the mustard guy a liar

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