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For some reason I am super excited about the release of the Master Grade GM Sniper II but why is that? Is it because the design is so cool. Well, having not built it yet I can’t really say but it does look good. I think it is because it’s not a huge box, water-slide decal only, monster of a kit. Some of the best MG kits are the small-boxed ones such as the RX-78-2 2.0 and Zaku II 2.0. It’s nice to get back to basics in a way.

Box art is groovy but, really, you could probably have picked a better spot. Let’s see what is inside this small box.

A Runner.

B runner.

C runner.

D runners.

E runners.

Looks interesting so far.

F runner.

G runner.

I think we all know what that is.

So what about these frame runners?

H and I runners look familiar…


Here’s the J runner.

It looks familiar too. Yup.


Okay, what about these.

MP hand A.

MP 1/100 Weapon.


We wrap that up with the poly-cap runner and the markings.

I note a large amount of stickers and dry transfers with numbers on them. These will be useful.

Still excited.

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  1. Urielventris says:

    Could you tell us what those frame runners say? Unfortunately the best I’ve got is 2.0 lol.

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