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Another month another Origin HG. As much as I love these things I think I’m getting a little burnt out basically building HG Zakus. Not that I don’t love the box art on these things. But why a HG MS-05S Char’s Zaku I before a Zaku II? Hmmm..

This kits runners are marked as either Zaku I (Origin) or Zaku (Origin).

For instance:


Then there is this anomaly.

It’s marked as Zaku I (Origin).

And yet it has the tagged onto the end.

One of the Zaku (Origin) runners also has these parts added.

If it wasn’t for these new parts I’d be experiencing deja vu.

I don’t think I need to do a WIP for this kit as it’s the same as the other Zaku I kits which are almost the same as the Zaku II kits. So let me show you all three of those new parts. You’ll need the backpack.

Then you’ll assemble the three new parts together.

Then it just plugs up into the bottom of the backpack.

With the other end attaching to the rifle.

I should mention the rifle parts are new.

That end fits on the new rifle handle part before the hand goes on.

There we go.

Let’s see what he looks like.











You can see that the plastic ammo band from the backpack to the rifle is quite stiff and affects which direction the rifle points. It would have been better if it was rubber. It also has some nice sticker work without being way too much.

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  1. Krytios says:

    So badass! I love that the markings are a tribute to the vintage MSV and Real Type series. I’ve still got mine in shipping transit. I’m so stoked.

  2. MechaGaikotsu2 says:

    Hey Syd nice review there
    I recommend you to glue to machine gun string because it too loose hmm

  3. Alcedo says:

    I’m at lost here, is it the same kit as . The one on the link says release date is on march

    • S2 says:

      It lacks the backpack parts and ammo belt that this kit has but you can bet it’s pretty much the same kit.

      • Kushal Naik says:

        Ugh, I hate that this kit is basically the Zaku 2 in everything but the face and chest, and Bandai realizes this enough to make a “real” Zaku 1 but without that genuinely cool ammo belt that makes it feel different from the existing HG Origin Zaku 1 or even the existing HGUC Zaku 1.

    • Stephen Lee says:

      In the OVA, Char piloted 2 Zaku I’s. This article’s kit is the MS-05S which was shown at the end.

      During the battle to prevent Minovsky’s defection, Char was piloting a mass-producted MS-05 painted in red. It has a red chest plate instead of black, no attached shield on right shoulder but holding a Bugu shield with left hand, and darker armor on lower legs. And different decals. The Mar 2017 kit is this one.

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