Gaijin Gunpla

[Note: I was all ready to write this post and then the GM Sniper II showed up a week earlier than I thought it would. Thus, this post may seem a little late to the party.]

Following up on the last post I only have some odds and ends to wrap up and then the Vidar build and WIP is complete. The first of which is the rifle.

It’s pretty standard 1/100 NG fare with only a few parts needed to put it together. The interesting thing about it, I feel, is that it can mount on either of the side skirts.

You’ve got two pistols to assemble but those go together quickly.

Each of these can drop into a holder behind the front skirts.

You’r given two grabbing hands and the assembly is different from what we normally see with these 1/100 kits.

You’ve got an extra part making up the wrist joint which means the hands can tilt.

And with that, I’m finis… wait. What’s this? I seem to have missed something.

So I guess I need to look back and determine where this thing was supposed to go.

Ah. The head.

This will squeeze in here.

And how about this. The handle for the many needles.

There we go!

With all the armour on and everything assembled it’s time to get some better shots of this big blue guy.

(can’t forget the shoes)

Yes, it feels like I’ve built the frame a hundred times now but I did enjoy putting the armour on this guy and taking in a fresh look once it was all on. I’m Barbatosed out so the Vidar came at a good time.

(Now to get onto that twin Guncannon post that I also started but didn’t finish… First world Gunpla blogger problems.)

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  1. AscendantEvincar says:

    Looking good. You plan on doing something special with this one? Recolors, detailing or some such?

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