Gaijin Gunpla

I left the WIP post for this kit as a bit of a cliffhanger but it wasn’t my intention originally to do so. I had intended to have everything shown in that one post as this kit doesn’t really warrant a two-parter. However, when it came time to finish that post I couldn’t find the images I need in order to do so. I was on a different computer and the pictures were not at hand. Thus the sudden, suspense-filled ending.

I’ve since located the images and realised that I hadn’t really taken that many. This will be the smallest Wrap Up post ever!

Here is what you’ll have when it comes time to decide whether to build the Thermal Test Type or the Mobility Test Type..

So here is the Mobility Test Type.

You can see he rocks the gatlings on the shoulders.

But here is the Firepower Test Type!

Those guns are huge!

With the weapon on his arm you could say he has a lot of…firepower!

I thought I had taken many more photos but apparently that isn’t the case, or I just haven’t located them yet. Maybe I need to use on memory card instead of several. I considered dropping these few images and explanation into the previous WIP post but thought maybe people have moved on and they wouldn’t be seen so instead I’ve created this small post here.

I hope to get back to this kit sometime, pick a version, and add the stickers. For now, I’ve moved on. I’ve got some other kits that need my attention.

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