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The suits from Iron-Blooded Orphans are hit-and-miss for me but, more honestly, mostly miss. So far in Season 2 nothing has grabbed my attention but when the Helmwige Reincar arrived I’ll admit my interest was piqued. Maybe it’s those years, in my late teens/early twenties, that I spent working on a farm.

Here is the frame runner. Which frame will the Reincar use?

The answer is; the Valkyrie Frame.

Chest assembly for the Heifer Reincar begins like so.

Onto that frame section you’ll add two white pipes.

This runner is from the Grimgerde.

You’ll not be using those smaller white pieces on this runner either.

Shoulder sockets.

Now for those giant thrusters this guy wears on his back.

That will clip on from above.

Put on some dark parts on either side of the torso as well as the poly-cap ball at the bottom.

Here are the parts for the chest plate.

You’ve got a sticker to put on the blue piece.

Put that on the front then add the collar and a small piece to the upper chest.

Here is the head. You’ve got an eye sticker to put on first.

The head frame part slides onto the poly-cap.

You’ll add the horns and then the blue side pieces.

Then you’ll add the yellow part for the crown of the head as well as the blue front piece.

He’s a bruiser.

Construction of the arms start with the valkyrie parts.

But you’ve got this large part which takes a smaller piece on the underside which will then attach to those shoulders.

Drop in the shoulder flap.

Once that is in place you’ll cover it with the much larger blue shoulder piece.

Here is how the arm itself goes together.

This small piece requires a sticker.

Add some pipes to the forearm and then upper arm cover.

Connect the arm to the shoulder and add the new hand. (Valkyrie hands are much too small.)

Not much bend in this guy’s elbow.

There is his bulky upper body.

Those deltoids!

Tomorrow is leg day!

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  1. Phillax says:

    Never skip the leg day!

    This kit reminds me of Sven The Rogue Knight from the original DOTA (Warcraft 3).

  2. BNuts says:

    Aesthetically I don’t think this guy can replace the Grimgerde, even if they do a FM version. But maybe the Bael can give it a fair shot. It’s got the swords, after all. Only question in my mind is: HG or FM?

  3. Echo says:

    Is that really the limit of the arm’s bending range? Having studied the manual it looks like it has two joints and should be able to bend more than just the 90 degrees shown.

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