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After a series of what I consider lacklustre suits to start off IBO season 2, Bandai has dropped one much different than the others and one that piques my interest in the form of the HG Helmwige Reincar. I made it a point to build this kit to see just how it rates.

Overall Look: 9/10

It looks like it should be playing the role of the tank in an MMORPG. That appeals to me (and gives me an idea for a diorama..) It also looks very much like a bull when you see those small feet contrasting with the giant horns on its head.

I’m not sure I am a big fan of the mono-eye, however. It takes away from the bovine-look that I find pleasing. Did I mention that in my late teens and early twenties I used to work on a dairy farm? Those were good times.

I do like all the thrusters positioned around its shoulders and back.

They make believable that something so huge and top heavy could move at a high enough speed to be effective in a fight.

Colours: 7/10

Can’t say I’m a huge fun of a blue and tan colour combo but it works well here. If I’m feeling the cow-vibe maybe it would have appealed to my sense more if it was more of a black and white or even red and white combo. You could probably substitute any dark colour for the blue and it would work fine against the tan which means that the colours combo chosen is more safe than daring. There are stickers with this kit but they’re found in the forearms just to make the frame part the same colour as the armour there. You also get a similar sticker for the center of the lower torso.

Weapons: 10/10

Okay so it’s only got one weapon but, holy cow (pun intended), is it a biggie. What you see here is actually its condensed form. It can elongate.

And come apart to make two distinct sections.

The hands feature a tab that fits in the groove of the weapon handle so they can slide up and down the handle.

It grips that giant thing quite sturdily and you’re able have some real fun with it.

When it’s not using that giant sword you can store it by… well, more on that later.

Articulation: 8/10

The articulation on this kit is quite good and you can make use of a lot of it despite the top-heavy proportions. The arms can move upwards quite a bit thanks to the shoulder design and the blue flap on the side that can move.

The backpack can tilt slightly as well.

As can the horns.

Watch out! He’s charging!

The legs can also bend quite a lot.

That’s a face plant. You okay big guy?

Build Design: 8/10

The bulk of the frame on this kit is the Valkyrie frame that we first saw with the HG Grimgerde though you’ll be making some changes in there. It goes together well without much flare and once done you’re not seeing a lot of that frame except from the back. As for gimmicks, well, the front chest plate can pop off.

Then it can go on the face.

Ya, maybe I’ll leave it on the chest.

Fun Factor: 9/10

I think the different appearance and the design to give it that makes the Helmwige an interesting and enjoyable kit to build but it’s not knocking any socks off. Playing with that giant sword can be a good deal of fun but I don’t find that lasting as long as enjoyment found in some other kits. It’s above average for the IBO series but maybe below average for the Gunpla HG spectrum.

But that sword!

Extras: 7/10

You can see the leftover parts from the Valkyrie frame and some extra parts on the white runner. The good, and awkward, stuff is what comes after. You’re given extra feet. With these your Reincar is much more stable.

And that other extra piece there? That is an adaptor which allows you to mount his sword. But, um, you mount it on his crotch.

Crotch sword!

Ya, that’s not awkward at all.

All hail the Helmwige Reincar and the Crotch Sword of Destruction. That could be the name of a porno. I’ve got the movie poster image right here.

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  1. eternal beloved says:

    Nice review. I think Helmwig’s color scheme sucks. I am considering getting one and painting it.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. AscendantEvincar says:

    The crotch storage looks silly indeed. However, it doesn’t seem as silly in the animé (or that might just be me) — with how they animated the suit taking the sword. Maybe the way the huge sword is stored is probably the most practical way so that it can be ready when needed? In any case, I’m hoping for more action from this guy. That episode where it first appeared made it, as many people have put it, a “sword-holder with legs” for the Barbatos. To be fair, the pilot was astounded by the Hashmal, so we can’t fault the suit now, can we?

  3. BNuts says:

    We could blame McGillis for the colour scheme: it’s the same as on his Graze Ritter. Come to think of it, his original MS, the Schwalbe Graze, was almost entirely blue. Trying to take a page from Ral-san, Chocolate Man?

  4. Bruce says:

    FORM CROTCH SWORD!!! I laughed so much my sides hurt. Am interested with this kit as well. The rarity of Valkyrie frames gives a nice balance to the plot. Kit looks solid and I see a lot of potential in it. Thanks for another awesome review Syd-san! 🙂

  5. Hizgrace says:

    You could make a great bull fighter diorama with him and the fenice rinascita

  6. Yodamaster1212 says:

    Hopefully this thing does SOMETHING in the coming episodes seeing there’s basically a way between McGillis and the Arianhod Fleet. I had high hopes for this when I first saw it. Don’t let the Valkyrja frame become a meme. It was too good in season 1.

  7. Yodamaster1212 says:

    I loved the Grimgerde, and I guess I somehow began to force myself into liking this MS as well. Idk. They’re both fitted for two entirely different forms of combat, and I like both of them. I kind of wish McGillis was piloting this instead of the Graze Ritter, though it really wouldn’t fit his fast-paced habits. Overall, it seems to have inherited many of the good aspects of the Grimgerde, while also adding its own new aesthetics. Like it’s not a Barbatos- Gusion Rebake frame reuse. It has a completely new feel to it in general.

  8. lordtwinky says:

    The only thing i can imagine from the weapon storage is the phrase “looking for the eiffel tower girls?”

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