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I feel like I’m between kits right now. I had a huge December with the MG Pzycho Zaku and the RG Build Strike while January was much more subdued. February brings us the newest Lupus, the Rex, but that is in some ways more of the same so I think I’m just waiting for the new new stuff which should be coming soon as it’s almost March! I do have some kits I can slowly slap together while I wait for the calendar to turn over. One of them is the HG Reginlaze Julia which I swear I’d done before but I must just be confusing my female character names.

So there is the much more extravagant Reginlaze which Julia cruises the cosmos in.

I imagine I’m reusing some parts here. For example, here’s the B runner.

Reginaze Frame. Makes sense.

Here is the C1 runner.

It says Reginlaze Julia but you’ll see they slapped the older white parts on there too.

Here’s the sticker sheet.

And what’s this?

That is your stand. Compact. I like it.

Using the B and A runners you get to this point.

I think we are all familiar with what we’re seeing here but from this point things get weird. (Or weirder, in the case of IBO).

These larger parts make up the top of the torso.

Throw on some parts for the front.

And this is the head.

Some parts have to slide around other areas to be able to drop into the right place but it’s not too difficult.

Check out my fins.

I’ll need stickers now.

You’ll need to push some edges down to get it wrapped around the edges found on that white part.

There’s the torso and head.

Now it gets weird.

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  1. AscendantEvincar says:

    This looks like it’s from a different franchise entirely. Well, I guess the same can be said for IBO suits in general.

  2. BNuts says:

    Reginglaze + Hashmal = Reginglaze Julie.

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