Gaijin Gunpla

In the first WIP post for this guy I had gotten as far as the upper body. He has a very bovine look to him so, about his situation so far, you could possibly say he’s…

Ground beef.


/dad joke.

From here we start on the hooves, I mean feet.

You drop that small frame piece, facing a certain direction, into the larger frame part and then add on the white piece.

This isn’t how it goes.

It will need to be turned to the right and on the other leg turned in the opposite direction.

Then you drop it onto the single foot base piece.

Here are the leg frame parts for the knee.

Add on the lower leg frame parts giving you two joints.

Make the hip joint.

You’ll add armour to the front and side at this point.

Then another armour piece to the lower leg as well as a frame part at the back for the ankle joint.

Attach it to the foot and you’re good to go. Well, Helmwige is ready to go.


You need the torso.

Those three pieces are it so once done add your legs.

Then attach bulky upper body.

He stands alright on those small feet though the bulk of his body weight is up top.

Now for the best part.

Place the sliding handle into the giant sword and close that clamshell.

You’ll do similar with the next section.

You can connect the two together.

That is huge!

It can shorten, though.

(but is still huge.)

Hmm, what’s this piece left on the frame runner?

Apparently you can mount the sword there. On his crotch?!


So, um, remove the front armour piece and attach it to the mount.

Um, ya.

Kind of reminds me of this.

I think it looks ridiculous, though. Though the manual explains it can be done…

They don’t actually include an image of that.

Maybe because it is ridiculous.

Ya, just hanging out.

Of course, with that big sword on (regardless of where it is held or mounted…) he’s going to be quite unstable. Thankfully they provide extra feet.

You can swap them really quickly.

Now that looks cool.

Really cool. Let’s see what else he can do.

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  1. Ragnaroc05 says:

    Yeah that’s how they showed it being carried that way in the anime. But yeah it looks ridiculous that way certainly.

    That being said, holding it with the feet spread does look intimidating.

  2. KrisKrow says:

    Hy Syd. . can i ask a favor . Can you combine the Upper torso of the Helmwige and the lower torso of the Graze Ein 🙂

    i was thinking of combing the two parts and customized it. .

    hope you can make my request 🙂

  3. Phillax says:

    Stay back! Can’t you see I’m risking my nuts by hanging this gigantus blade on my pube???

  4. Lee says:

    Hey s2 ! I really really love your web here, and I am very excited to wait for your RG Amatsu Mina that is coming this march. I see your RG reviews and WIPs are great and will consider to buy this RG Mina from your review 😀

    And I didn’t know helmwige sheath his sword in his front skirt lmao

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