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Happy Valentine’s Day!

While working on the latest High Grade kit, the newest version of the Barbatos theBarbatos Gundam Rex, I discovered (again) this little connection featured in the torso assembly and thought it fit appropriately with the special occasion happening at this time of the year.

Enough about love!

Let’s talk about Gundam. More specifically the 137th form of the Barbatos which has been called the Lupus Rex.

So what separates this version of the Barbatos from the others? Actually, quite a bit.

The A Runner is the only recurring runner across kits.

Which means that everything else is all-new! Including that giant bludgeoning instrument!

Technically, these parts aren’t new but it’s the first Barbatos with a wire.

All new stickers though.

Construction starts with all new parts.

That frame part may look old but it’s actually new to the Rex. Just be sure to sticker the white piece before joining these parts together.

And check out these shoulder joints!

They’re from the frame runner.

Slap on the back frame piece which is new and then add the older lower torso frame parts which happen to be from the older runner.

Emblem spotted!

Sticker needed…

Actually the entire torso is new aside from the lower torso frame parts I’ve already showed and the poly-cap for the neck.


This strikes me as a cross between the Lupus and the 6th form of the Barbatos.

All new head.

I put the parts together before adding the eye sticker.

Add your yellow and white parts to the sides of the head.

Back and top parts are next.

And that giant yellow Flying V fin.

It slides in from the front and is quite secure there.

Looking pretty good.

For the shoulder the blue part slides up into the white part.

You’ll need to add small stickers to the blue piece as well.

The blue piece can actually move.

Add your shoulder connector frame part to the underside of the shoulder.

The part on the left is from the older frame runner but the right one is new.

Going to need that larger ball joint to fit into the new torso design.

Arm frame parts.


This looks completely different to what I was expecting.

Oh that small part at the top is old. Phew. Familiarity.

Make this little contraption.

Attach it to a point behind the arm frame and then add a cover of sorts.

You’ll finish the arm off by adding the armour for the upper arm and the new, much bigger, hand.

And that’s as far as I made it before I had to do real-life, help-around-the-house type stuff.

Don’t worry. Rex loves me so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again very soon.

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  1. B-Nuts says:

    Did anyone else see palm canons in the second most recent episode? And wonder where they went? No canons at all here! Boo.

    Having seen a review, it makes me think that Bandai put a below-average amount of effort into rolling this one out, especially for an iteration of the hero unit. This only makes me suspect even more that there will be at least one more upgraded form. Well, that and the remaining episode count.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Bael can do.

  2. JG says:

    Hate when real-life stuff gets in the way of a build 🙂

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