Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got an odd looking trunk so I guess I can continue with some odd looking, um, I guess they’re wings?

You’ve got a fairly large green piece to join to a smaller, but still quite large for HG, white piece. You’ll need a sticker here too.

Then you put together the frame of the arm and shoulder. These are all from the Reginlaze B runner that we’ve seen before.

Armour on.

Slide the claw, yes it’s a claw, into the cuff and attach that to the arm.

Add the thing you first assembled to complete one arm.

Repeat for the other side and check out the craziness.

That’s only half of it!

Now for two of.. these things!

Interesting the x 2 is so small there.

Okay, so you start with these parts.

Then add a thruster and another part to the top.

You’ll then need another thruster for this frame part.

Check out the shape of the connections.

Join your sections together.

Then add round parts to the side.

Make sure the wider ones are on the outside.

We’re WIPing this kit in the hop, step, jump format. A little bit, a little bit more, the big finale.

Stay tuned.

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  1. apple sales says:

    I appreciate the chance to enter. I am going vegan due to health issues. Trying to beat MS.

  2. GArm says:

    Did you really miss the chance to say, “Oh Julia, you so grazy”?

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