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In the first HG Lupus Rex WIP postI managed to get the torso, head, and one arm complete before needing to stop. Coming back to the kit soon afterwards I knocked out the other arm and put everything I’d done so far together.

Those are long arms!

The construction of the feet starts with the same frame parts we’ve seen many times.

Then you’ve got new armour parts (and stickers).

You put that red sticker on and immediately cover almost all of it with a black part.

Connect the armour sections to the frame.

Connect together the two white parts that make up the top of the foot and ankle armour.

Then you work on the red part that makes up most of the foot. It takes a sticker.

That’s a many-sided sticker and it’s meant to wrap around one toe.

I took my time but even so it felt like a little too long to line everything up properly and then repeat the process for each of the remaining three toes.

Connect your red (now with yellow!) part to the white parts adding a poly-cap as you do so.

Then plug the frame into that polycap.

That gives you the feet. Now for the right leg.

These parts should look familiar.

Add the armour to the top.

Pop the yellow piece into the large white part that makes up the front of the entire lower leg.

Don’t forget you’ll need a poly-cap in the ankle there (says the guy who forgets sometimes).

Sticker up the armour part for the back of the knee.

And there you go.

Now for the skirt. The frame part on the right is new.

Construct the front center block and the front skirts.

I’ve cut the front skirts into two distinct pieces like usual.

The side skirts take two stickers each. One on the middle at the top and one at the bottom. Both will need to wrap around some edges.

Here’s the lower body.

The Barbatos legs get longer with each new form. Or so it seems.

Maybe that’s not true but the arms are noticeably longer on the Rex.

Need a backpack.

Insert that rounded part into the outer section of the backpack.

It will pivot.

Now construct this crazy thing.

You’ll use the last of your sticker sheet on this.

Once that’s done you plug a piece onto the end.

Or, you can use the cable and slide that through this part before connecting it.

If you leave the cable off you can connect this sharp thing to the backpack.

It protrudes quite a lot though.

Now for the new mace!

That handle can slide inside the body portion of the mace.

If you are not using the new mace, but want to take it with you, you’ll need this.

If connects to the rear skirt and the then the mace clips onto it.

We recently saw a Crotch Sword and now I’m showing you the Butt Mace. Ha!

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  1. Phillax says:

    So the lower arm is like of a 1/100 proportion?

    Can we get a comparison picture with a 1/100 Lupus? (or Rex when it comes out)

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