Gaijin Gunpla

The First Look post was but a taste and I am chomping at the bit to sink my teeth fully into this one. (There are several food metaphors in that sentence.). As usual, the build starts with taking one leg frame off of that Real Grade B runner.

Bend the joints to get them loosened up and you are ready to start applying parts to the feet.

The black part goes on the underside of the front part of the foot while the gold part becomes the heel.

And to answer a question, yes, there are undergates.

You will attach that black part to the heel, be sure to push it in all the way, and the red spike attaches to that.

For the toes, similar to the heel, you’ll put on a gold part and then a black part.

The gates on this black part can be tricky to cut cleanly.

Normal RG Astray frame parts are then put on the leg.

Then new armour for the sides and front of the lower leg.

The black part is new, even though it looks the same to me, while the gold parts are old.

Bend the knee back and put on the new front armour part.

You’ll slip a frame part on around the ankle before putting the black parts on over it.

Slide a red part into the front armour and then attach that to the lower leg.

Then add the part for the lower knee.

A few parts go on at the top to complete the leg.

It’s articulation seems unchanged despite more bulky armour.

Now for the skirt and it looks like not much has changed for the Amatsu Mina version.

Rotate that front section 90 degrees.

Then turn the pegs so the tabs on them face the back. You may need a tool of some kind.

Did someone ask for a sandwich?

I’ve got a man-wich appetite!

Add the buttpoint. I decided to call it that.

It’s like the butt of a Gremlin.


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  1. HumbleVisitor says:

    How’s the gold? Do you think the golden parts need to be repainted or is it fine as it comes?

  2. Rev says:

    Dat high heels

  3. evora460 says:

    Dat color separation/constrast.

  4. evora460 says:


  5. BNuts says:

    I thought it was interesting that the Quanta’s whole frame was the first thing we built. Seems we’re back to building part by part — although it might be tricky to armour the Amatsu Mina up AFTER putting all its limbs on. That’s an issue with the bulkier builds, I guess.

    • Paul says:

      Not really. The MK-II was the first RG kit where you built the frame first, then laid the armor pieces over.

      The RG Qan[t] however was the first RG where you had to assemble part of the inner frame yourself (talking about the arms on that kit).

  6. evora460 says:

    Lol it’s hard to decide whether to watch youtube speed builds of gundam kits from a guy who gets and builds gundam kits the day after they come out, or checking gaijin-gunpla’s blog every few day to see if a new post is up. Hmm…well I guess both then.

  7. Glitz says:

    How do you move the tendon part to straighten the leg? Mine seemed permanent and it makes the legs bend forward. I do not dare to force it to move since I’m afraid it might break.

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