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Way back in October of 2016 I was building a 1/100 No Grade Exia kit. Since then, each time I brought a kit home to work on, the box would end up in the pile and I would notice the Exia box but not have the time and/or motivation to get back on it. Well, the other night I had both! Opening that box back up after that time I remembered I only got this far.

That’s right. I hadn’t yet given Exia his head. Well, that can be found in this box.

I had to open both plastic bags of runners to get the parts I needed.

The parts in question? Right here.

Even big-headed Exia’s need eyes.

Assembling the head was quick and painless.

But getting it on its body won’t be.

The spot in the SD kit for the ball joint is quite large.

But the part for the neck of the 1/100 Exia is much smaller.


The poly-cap used for the SD is the BB-8 looking one.

But I pondered if it was possible to use the one beside it because there’s not much space inside the torso of the Exia.

Speaking of that, I needed to take apart the entire torso to get at the neck piece.

I don’t think either of the poly-caps I considered would have worked here.

But being an SD kit I have other poly-caps that might.

Trimming the ball joint on the neck part allowed me to slide the poly-cap on.

This should work.

Indeed it does.


With that determined it was time to sticker, panel-line, and reassemble (not always in that order).

I think this looks kind of great.

With the 1/100 you have to assemble the beam saber handles from two parts.

And now I can show assembly of the weapons as well.

That GN Sword looks kind of plain. I wonder if there’s a way for me to dress it up a bit.


I regret nothing.

That’s the sword. Now for the, um, shield that goes on the sword.

These 00 weapons are all wacky.

The NG kit also has the smaller GN Sword.

And the larger smaller GN Sword.

Lastly the long shield.

Here are two quick shots to give you an idea of what he looks like.

I’ll have the better ones later.

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  1. BNuts says:

    Did something happen to the original head?

  2. Casval Lofbrook says:

    No, nothing happened to the original head, it’s a project that he had wanted to try. I guess alot of gunpla-ers are doing it overseas. SD heads on 1/100 models.

  3. ojan says:

    Is this Super Robot Wars z2?

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