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I was not able to complete the entire backpack in WIP number 3 because it’s a biggie! Maybe in WIP I can actually finish assembly of this kit. The main part of the backpack is complete and now needs to be attached to the back of the Providence and for that you assemble this connection.

It’s a hinged joint onto which you’ll attach two pegs.

Those two pegs plug into the underside of the backpack.

Before we attach that to the Providence let’s prepare the three larger Dragoons.

These parts come on the runners that have doubles so you’ll be left with parts for one more that you won’t be assembly.

There are some ill-placed gates on the larger pieces.

Things go together quite easily.

You’ll then need six of these pieces.

Trim them carefully.

Two of these slide into the bottom of what you’ve just constructed.

Then two more large armour pieces go on the bottom and complete the Dragoon.

The other two Dragoons on the backpack are the same construction as those for the skirt.


Deep sea carnivorous starfish, Asteroidea Providencium.

This means I can move onto the weapons. Once again I’m using parts from the Freedom 2.0

But Providence’s weapon is nothing like Freedom’s, you say.

You are correct.

The main part of Freedom’s weapon only serves to work as the handle on Providence’s much larger MA-M221 Judicium Beam Rifle.

Add old parts for the handle and a new parts at the top and back.

Add two small green stickers to a clear part and then slide that into a gray part.


And now for that shield or what the manual refers to as MA-MV05A Composite Armed Shield System. Whew.

Start by laying a piece into one half of the shield.

Close that up and then add the flaps on the underside.

A red piece goes on the end of it and a hatch on the underside.

The hatch, interestingly, closes up keeping the flaps in place.

A clear part and some blue complete the assembly.

Let’s test how it opens.

Adding the effect part you can see just how huge some parts are in this kit.

I’ve got one more runner to get through.

Now to report my findings.

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  1. Charlo says:

    Jesus!!! This kit is insane. Initially I though it would be nothing special but I was very very wrong. Will definitely order it!

  2. Arcane says:

    This is getting to look pretty cool.
    Quick question for anyone here, what are some good acrylic paint manufacturer for hand painting? I’ve been using Tamiya for a while, and I’d like to try something else.

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