Gaijin Gunpla

I’m half finished assembling a body but still have more than half the parts remaining on these runners. What am I in store for here?

Leg frame parts start from the Reginlaze runner.

Here I’ll first add a small rear armour piece to the back of the leg followed by the larger piece for the front.

Now I’ll need to slide in this frame part into the side of larger, rounded armour part.

This then goes on the front of the thigh.

A small piece of armour fits on the ball at the bottom of the leg and you’re adding a frame part to the socket joint.

That frame piece just covers a ball-joint that I guess is not utilised with this kit.

Take this leg you’ve assembled and attach it to the large section you assembled prior to that. Yes, that whole leg you build is only the upper leg on Julia’s machine.

That’s long.

But you’re not done. You’ve got this thing to assemble.

The poly-cap that we usually see as being a shoulder socket is laid face down in the large green part here.

Then you’ll add the white part.

This then fits onto that leg in two places. One at the side of the thigh and the other the side of the knee.

That makes it so the knee that is no longer a knee cannot bend.

Repeat that process for the other leg and then you can move onto the skirt.

Upper frame part is new while the lower one is old.

Add some thrusters to the armour parts that wrap around the side of the skirt.

You’ll fit those green pieces on by plopping them on the ball joints on the sides of the frame.

Add a small green part to each side.

Now for the butt. You snap on the frame part and the big thruster.

Then snap that onto the main skirt.

It’s quite large.

I wasn’t talking about your butt, Julia.

Okay, normally once you’ve gotten this far on an HG kit you’d be connecting the limbs to the torso and hips to make your robot but it doesn’t work that with with this kit.

Yes, you’ve got to assemble the included stand.

You’ll need one more part from the green runner to complete it.

It’s quite tall when done.

And it needs to be because Julia’s Reginlaze is huge.

Even on the stand the tips of the toes (Can I call them that) touch the ground.

I kinda like it.

This kit doesn’t just stand around (pun intended). There are a few things you can do with it as evidenced by the extra parts included.

I’ll get to that next.

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