Gaijin Gunpla

This weekend I actually found myself with a fair bit of free time so I used it to build some Gundam kits and to catch up on my TV viewing. All at the same time. I wish I had more weekends like this. I wish I had more weekends…

So how does one of the more unique HG kits we’ve seen in a while begin?

Just like this. You’ll slide those yellow collars in and then the ball/neck area that is not made from poly-caps.

Thinking it would be difficult to panel line these yellow pieces after assembly was complete I added them during the build.

These shoulder sockets that look like the usual poly-cap shoulder sockets are not poly-caps at all but sturdy plastic.

Add some white parts.

Oh, and some stickers.

Then repeat on the other side.

You’re not done with with the torso stickers yet. Put these two parts together.

Add apply a rather large sticker.

And the lower torso parts? Yup, you’ve got stickers for these too.

Two on each side, in fact.

You’ll assemble the cockpit hatch as part of the lower torso.

Once the white and black parts are laid in the side of the torso you swing up the lower piece to lock the white part into place.

This gives you two parts of a whole torso.


You’re not done yet however.

You just need this (and more stickers).

Now the torso is done.

So now we get to the head which is more in line with what we are used to.

For some reason the head reminds me of that of the Hi-Nu Gundam.

At this stage you move on to assembling the waist.

Notice that it can tilt similarly to how some MG kits do.

Add some grey parts to the rear skirts.

Likewise for the front skirts.

Yup. I cut them.

We’ll leave that for now and start on the arms by assembling the elbow joints.

Prepare the armour for the lower arm.

You’ve got some stickers to put on here.

They go over a curved surface so you’ll need to press them down on all the edges.

The shoulder assembly feature a hatch.

And you’ll need a sticker around the upper arm armour.

Assemble the shoulders.

Then attach the arms.

Don’t forget to insert the Beam Saber handle.

White hands!

Assembly of the feet happens next and you’ll drop a white piece into a blue piece from above.

There is actually nothing securing that white piece in there so you’ll need to handle it carefully.

The part for the heel attaches to the main part of the foot from the back while the toe part you already worked on goes on the front.


More stickers!

You’ll next assemble the lower leg.

And a nice long, thin sticker goes around an edge on the side of both yellow parts.

Finish construction of the side of the lower leg.

Make your hips joints.

Now for a the small armour part for the upper leg.

Put together the upper leg and then combine with the lower.


And there he is (with a photobomb by Anpanman).

He looks pretty normal to me right now.

Things are gonna get crazy.

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  1. Barristan says:

    Well this definitely needs an MG.

    • Uriel Ventris says:

      100% agree. What a bizarre and unique mobile suit. I’d love to get a ver. Ka of this but with Katoki working on the ZZ it’s probably unlikely.

  2. Primescape says:

    the fact that this comes with zero polycaps and has big weapons like that shield and rail gun rather scary
    but i do like the design of it, and it seems bandai had to go full on with designing its joints

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