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[Now that we’re in the second half of March I’ll throw up a reminder that the Donate and Win Contest for this month is offering two chances to win a kit. Check out the post for details. If you’ve already made a donation I want to thank you again. If you haven’t yet there is still some time left.]

The First Look post revealed not only a huge pile of plastic for this kit but we saw that a few of those runners of plastic come from the MG Freedom 2.0 kit and when you start the build that’s exactly what you’re using.

The frame parts so far are Freedom 2.0 but you’ll be going to the new F1 runner when you get to the piece with the pilot molded in.

Add the lower torso parts to get this first assembly set up.

You can see the lower torso has a point of articulation there.

How much of that articulation remains when the rest of the armour is put on remains to be seen.

The shoulder assembly is the same as the Freedom 2.0 however the larger part shown here is from the new F runner.

Remember how great that Freedom 2.0 design was?

It’s all coming back to me.

Add the shoulder pegs.

Finish off the lower torso.

New parts for the back of the torso.

Now for some colour.

A blue part now slides on to the chest area.

You’ll need to get these in just the right place but you can’t confirm that until a later point in the build so for now it’s time to grab the rubbery part.

Plug it into the back of the Providence.

It will wrap around the front and then you can plug in those ends.

Create the cockpit hatch.

Slide that on from the front and it will hold in the rubber part ends.

Now you move on to those other rubber parts.

Plug one end on over the peg on one side of the chest and wrap it around to the back.

You’ll get to this stage and realise, ‘Aw crap. I put the first rubber part in upside down.’

(Well, you may not have this realisation if you didn’t make the same mistake I did.)

So let me fix that.

That’s better. see how they line up nicely.

You now put on the back armour piece and it’s this piece that allows you to heck to make sure the front side chest pieces went on correctly.

If you didn’t slide in those chest parts correctly and enough there will be a gap between the front and back blue parts. You’ll need to make sure they are pushed in properly but it can take some effort.

Chest vents.

These don’t fall off like those of the Freedom 2.0.

Shoulder weapons.

They clip on and can tilt up.

And the two parts that make up the neck complete the torso.

Now for the head. Here is the face.

Easy enough.

Now choose your colour for the sensors.

You have stickers to put on so I guess it doesn’t really matter what you choose. I went with the yellow part and the stickers. I may paint the clear part with some yellow clear in the future.

Put the face onto the main frame part

Choose your part and slide it in from the back.

Now add your sides.

Next you’ll add the back part, the top part, and two fins.

The fins have to go into a groove and then slide backwards behind the Vulcan.

Add the visor and V fin and you’ve got a pretty mean-looking head.

He’s got some bulk to him.

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  1. Kushal says:

    Clear parts would suggest that the head takes an LED right? Yet it doesn’t look like there’s space for one. Odd.

    • HBSK says:

      How do you fit a LED on something that needs to be assembled (the whole neck)? You could replace that tiny ball joint with one.

      • Ral Zarek says:

        Usually on the lighted MGs they have an LED unit inside the torso and clear plastic through the neck and head, piping the light through it. On some of the newer ones, though, they just have it piped so that if light goes in through one of the head cameras, it shines through to the other one and/or the eyes.

        Hope I was of help! 🙂

  2. rusinstein says:

    looking good so far. I’m excited to get mine but I have to wait two more weeks for its arrival.
    I haven’t built the freedom 2.0 yet so the inner frame of this one is really gonna be new to me.
    I look forward to your next update.:)

  3. BNuts says:

    On the Gundam the Origin there was a compartment in the chest for an LED. Despite the inclusion of clear parts in the head, Providence doesn’t seem to have one. I wonder if the premium is any different? Probably not.

  4. AscendantEvincar says:

    Magnificent. I’ll be waiting for you to finish the test build for this kit before I start with mine. 🙂

    So, the water slides that come with the Premium edition is actually not for this kit but for the 5 GAT units. It’s nice to know I’ll have some water slides for my Aegis and Blitz (and the Buster that is about to arrive). Glad I got the Premium edition.

  5. evora460 says:

    I guess this wouldn;t be fair but I was kinda dissapointed when I realized that the Providence was going to be reusing the same inner frame as the Freedom 2.0. Hmm…was expecting gimmicks like sliding knee joints and a pilot figure but you can’t really blame Bandai for not doing that. The Freedom 2.0 frame is still pretty good though.

    • Phillax says:

      Well technically, Providence was developed together with Freedom and Justice 😛

      It’s a no brainer that the upcoming MG Justice (F* yeah!) in June will be based on Freedom 2.0 as well.

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