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I really enjoy most of the box art for the Master Grade releases but there’s something about the revealed Providence Gundam‘s box art that grabs me.

I believe the word I’m looking for here is


Ironically, if I pick up the Premium Edition I’ll get a sweet stand and a huge decal sheet but different box art.

That’s pretty good too.

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  1. firebaseX5 says:

    Drooling too ^_^

  2. Rev says:

    Why you not pick the premium edition ?

  3. Paul Emical* says:

    I completely agree on the awesomeness of the box art. I opted for the premium, but I confess (though I admit this could sound silly) that I’ve been hesitant for a bit, because the box art is far less impressive.

    • AscendantEvincar says:

      I agree. While I also chose the premium edition (that ZAFT stand hypnotized me), I like the regular box art more. The regular edition box art is more like the first “reveal” of the unit, maybe not the first launch but when it’s first encountered by its would-be adversary. The background also makes it feel more “in the moment”. The premium edition box art also has a “scenery” background but it’s faded to white almost completely. It’s a good box art but the regular edition just feels more, as said here, epic.

  4. ralph says:

    i got the regular version of the providence couldnt justify spending the extra $25 for decals and stand..

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