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Despite the torrent of Iron-Blooded Orphans kits in High Grade I don’t build all of them and do reviews for even less but there was something about the HG Reginlaze Julia. What exactly that is I’m not sure but maybe I’ll find out by reviewing this interesting 1/144 scale kit.

Overall Look: 8/10

This thing is tall. Even on a stand, it will touch the floor if it’s legs are in a neutral/straight position.

The size will be the first thing that catches most people’s eye but there is quite a lot going on with the kit itself despite its size. Whereas some kits seem normal with a particular area that is different from what we usually see this kit is almost all different than what we usually see from the sharp claw-like thing at the bottom of the legs to the claws it has for hands.

The head looks like it belongs to some kind of dragon or sea serpent.

And for shoulders it has wings.

So much craziness. But also that size!

Colors: 7/10

The colors are fine and don’t contrast but while the look of the kit is eye-catching the colors involved are contrastingly rather bland. You’ll add some grey to the some green areas by way of a sticker.

I’m not wowed by the colors but I don’t hate them either. A point for average!

Weapons: 7/10

I believe these are the weapons. You can place those green parts onto the outside of each arm and then attach the Julian Sword and then begin the slashing action.

This is quite cool, which I guess is good considering it’s all this kit comes with.

Articulation: 8/10

Let’s see here. How do you rate a kit with an upper body that feature excellent articulation in the arms and neck but almost no articulation down below? Hmm. The ball-jointed wing binders on the shoulders allow 360 degrees of movement so they can be posed where you want them but also moved out of the way when not needed.

The legs have the same articulation as the normal Reginlaze except that that movement is not allowed. I shall explain. When assembling the legs you’ll be assembling the whole Reginlaze leg but instead of putting on feet you’ll be attaching a whole new lower leg section.

To prevent the normal knee assembly from bending you’ll find that the side binders attach just above and below it.

This is the normal knee but it won’t be bending.

This part that attaches on around the normal ankle spot becomes like a new knee.

But that leaves you with a limb that doesn’t bend much at all.

It trails along as you glide.

There’s actually some more articulation to be found in this kit but we’ll talk about that during the reveal in the next section of this review.

Build Design: 9/10

(note to self; use pic that doesn’t reveal anything).

This kit is more than just a daddy-long-legs kind of showpiece. Those long legs actually have another function which you get to by disassembling a lot of the leg. First unplug those side binders.

And remove that white kneecap.

Now disconnect the lower legs that you added to the regular Reginlaze legs.

She’ll be in a state of limbo.

Put the kneecap back on.

Swing the binders to the rear.

Hook them to the lower leg again.

Look at them trail behind now.

Assemble a little ankle and attach a foot.

Now it’s a bird!

Look at those claws!

Now, if you want this thing to stand on the floor and not the base you can take off those feet and replace them with another set which are more flat.

These are made up of the foot part and a small piece you plug in from below that will attach to the lower leg. This small part can pivot.

With the claw blade at the back touching the floor this thing is relatively stable.

This form reminds me of the Nightingale.

I guess we can say this MS has three forms. That is a pleasant surprise.

Fun Factor: 8/10

Personally, it’s really hard for me to get excited for an IBO kit these days. After so many releases that have so much in common the thought of building the same thing again doesn’t exactly pique my interest. Fortunately, this kit throws a few curveballs in and becomes novel and fun. Sure a lot of it incorporates parts from previous kits but then it does things different with some of those parts that make you appreciate the ingenuity of the designers. Thank goodness they included the base which allows you to get the most out of it.

Extras: 8/10

Here are the parts for the ankles and feet that allow you to make two different forms. This greatly enhances the enjoyment of the kit as does this.

Anytime Bandai throws in a base, especially for larger kits, it’s more than welcome. This base is so small they could put one in every HG kit. Right, Bandai? amiright? With this one you are given that piece to make the stand tall enough.

And you are left with some armour and frame parts from the Reginlaze if you have need of them.

All in all, there’s quite a lot to like in this deceivingly normal-sized High Grade box. While not a favourite MS of mine in any way it has become one of my more enjoyable Iron-Blooded Orphans high grade kits.

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  1. Manpig says:

    I personally would give more merit to the weapons because I think the long versions of the sword are easily malleable and can bend a bit.

  2. Manpig says:

    I think it’s a best design in ibo

  3. BNuts says:

    It’s part Reginglaze, part Hashmal, and all edge. It could easily pass for a dragon mech.

  4. Varda says:

    I thought this kit rocked for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because of how in-depth and unique the build was for an HG kit, especially in the IBO line. I unhooked the wing binders on the lower legs and just left the lower extensions on, letting the binders trail behind. This allows it to achieve some pretty great poses without having to unhook the lower legs and attach the stumpy feet. It may not be anime accurate, but honestly, whatever makes it looks best on the shelf is fine with me.

  5. PlanckEpoch says:

    I really love this kit. The look of it is just…amazing. It has this Zone of the Enders feel to it and it’s one of the few mecha designs where I like BECAUSE it’s so far removed from the typical Gundam design.

    I love the lines of it and the thing has a very sharp feel to it due to the parts that stick out. The swords, the blade feet, the horns and shoulder thruster units.

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