Gaijin Gunpla

You know what makes me happy? Getting free pizza. That’s happening today. In about 15 minutes, actually. I’m excited.

You know what else makes me happy? Real Grade kits (for the most part). The new RG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina is arrived today. About 15 minutes ago, actually. I’m excited.

Real Grade box images always get me going and this one, with the darker colours, does not disappoint.

The guy on the manual is staring me down.

Here is the runner breakdown. This page reveals a lot about this kit.

For instance,

There will be quite a few unused parts.

Including an arm!

Let’s look at the runners in a bit more detail.

A runner.

You can see where some a section of what would have been on this runner before is gone.

Here is the B runner, or RG frame as I call them.

I’m sure we’ve seen this a few times. Black and gold does look quite cool.

D runner.

That’s right. There is no C runner.

E runner.

These are listed as Astray Frame.

H runner.

Yup. No F or G runners. I guess those parts aren’t needed on this Astray.

No I or J runners, either, so have an L.

M runner.

Two N runners.

These runners have that glossy sheen we saw on the HG Amatsu Mina kit from a few years back.

O and P runners are the unique gold parts for the Amatsu.

Here is Q1.

R is the effect parts and, oh?, is that the stand we saw with the RG Qan[T]?

Well, that did come with the Qan[T] but was part of the C runner on that kit.

And we’ve got two cables to go along with that marking sheet.

Here’s where you need to put each of those stickers.

Looks like a lot of fun.

If I can part ways with Providence soon I’ll be looking up at this one next.

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  1. Uriel Ventris says:

    I thought I was going to hate the gold on this kit but it looks really good. Its hard to tell with the photo’s but it looks like their different shades, is that correct? Also that O runner looks almost 2.0 Hyaku shiki colored

  2. tim ong says:

    I hope it doesn’t use the ugly face plates the normal rg astray uses

  3. Michael says:

    Are the golden parts undergated?

    • JangotheBlueFox says:

      they’re not plated so it doesn’t really matter but the RG Astray Red Frame was undergated.

  4. JangotheBlueFox says:

    you actually get all of the parts needed to make a normal right arm

    • Astrayfan says:

      What about the right shoulder unit? I can see the inner parts are still on the D runner and the top is still on the D runner but with no c runner, i can’t see if the front part is included. ihave always wanted this EXCEPT for the Blitz arm, I’m definitely buying this if the right arm and shoulder can be made.. fra

  5. DGRA says:

    please build it Syd. i really excited

  6. Syaif says:

    can’t wait you eat that Free Pizza and hear your thought about this RG!!??!

  7. MFajar8 says:

    Can’t wait for this review 😀

  8. Lee says:

    Getting so much excited and impatient waiting for ur review and WIPs on this kit! I love the way you wrote down the WIPs step to step 🙂

  9. BNuts says:

    Will she stand tall and ready for action, or flop and fall apart like Sinanju and Build Strike? Honestly, not holding my breath. It seems like RG kits are either awesome or abysmal. There is no middle ground with Bandai.

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