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So far we’ve seen that a lot of the build of the MG Providence uses the I and J frame runners from the Freedom 2.0. When you start on the arms that continues to be the case.

If you followed the WIP on the Freedom 2.0 you’ll recognise these parts.

Of course, the armour parts for the Providence will be different but the construction is the same.

You need to attach both an armour part and frame part for the cuff.

Then assemble your hands and you’ve got an arm.

And then two arms.

The shoulders are the same regardless of side so you’ll assemble both at the same time.

For the underside of those long shoulders you’ll need to prepare these vents.

You can see how they slot in on the underside of the shoulder.

They go on in a specific order.

And there you go.

You kind of don’t realise how long those shoulders are when he’s got that giant backpack on. Seeing them here like this points that out.

The hip frame is that from the Freedom 2.0 runners.

The Freedom 2.0 is an awesome kit so experiencing it again like this is a nice feeling.

Remember, there are no poly-caps on this kit so that piece that looks like one, isn’t.

Now we add a new part at the front, thought the side skirt areas are still 2.0.

Add that long crotch.

Front skirt construction is the same though the parts are new.

On the F1 and F2 runners you’ll find a total of six of these.

Two insert into the back skirt armour from behind.

Then close that up with a frame part.

You’ll use the remainder of the F parts on the two side skirts.

Put on the rear and sides.

On the Freedom 2.0 the rear skirt clips on, and it does so with the Providence as well, but Providence’s doesn’t pivot at all.

Skirt is done.

Feet construction also uses Freedom 2.0 frame parts for the most part.

Now add some Providence parts.

Add the front of the foot the same way we did in May of 2016 and you’re almost done.

Just that last piece.

Now for the best part!

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  1. Victor says:

    Am I the only one seeing the Wing Gundam front skirt armor on the Providence Gundam?

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