Gaijin Gunpla

Finally, my favourite part!

Okay, the hip joints aren’t necessarily my favourite part but they are a section of the part of the assembly I consider my favourite, the legs.

Not surprisingly by this time, the legs use the Freedom 2.0’s frame parts in many areas (such as those sexy hip joints).

Even the lower leg frame parts are from the 2.0.

You’ll bulk them up a bit with some added frame parts for the sides.

Bend the knee and add them front armour.

Then the back armour and a dark blue part for the knee.

The front of the lower leg uses this armour piece.

And the armour for the side of the lower leg is one large piece fitted with a frame part inside the lower half.

Fit on the front part, the attach one side section. You’ll then be able to add the front lower armour piece and a frame part at the back that looks like it can swivel but doesn’t really.

Prepare the armour part for the opposite side and then close the lower leg up.

Plug in your foot.

Two very large, yet bendable, legs.

Plug those on to the skirt you have already assembled.

I like the look of the back of the lower body.

Plug on the top half and he appears even more massive.

Those are some broad shoulders.

Now we finally get around to the two E runners.

You’ll need two parts from each plus two parts from each F runner.

Make sure you insert the frame piece with the correct alignment.

Note how each side is different.

We are going to repeat that twice more but with longer parts.

I have the complete collection.

I’ll wait to plug them into the skirt. I don’t want anything being lost, or worse broken, during transit.

And now for the biggest parts of them all!

You’ll need to configure two of these.

They’ll drop in on the edges of one of those huge parts.

The next part is found on the F runners. Two parts on each one so that means you’ll actually have one of these left over.

Drop them in as well.

The parts are from the Freedom 2.0 kit and I believe they were for the wings but on the Providence you are using these assemblies in the backpack.

They drop in on some pegs. Press firmly to make sure they are in all the way.

You should be ready.

Once closed you can add the other two parts from the C runner.

That rectangular opening slides around the frame parts you put inside before closing the backpack up.

Now add thrusters.

Make sure the parts are in at the right alignment.

Now for the larger frame parts which have the thrusters molded on them.

Painting these will be difficult but many may want to. The manual has shows these as being red.

Again you’ll need to be sure the alignment is correct. If it’s slightly off the blue piece that follows won’t go in completely.

Actually, you may have the alignment correct but you could think you didn’t thanks to a gap between the backpack armour and the dark blue piece. After trying to get that gap closed and being unsuccessful I’m assuming the gap there is intentional.

These are supposed to be red.

If you paint the entire piece red then you’ll see red through the gap between armour that I just mentioned. I guess you could mask around the bulk of the part and spray red. This would ensure the part visible through the gap is still gray and with the shadows cast by the edges on the blue part you wouldn’t be able to see the frame much beyond the thrusters. For me, I’d probably mask everything but the thrusters. But I’m like that.

Here is the main part of the backpack.

But wait. There’s more! (on the way)

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  1. LB Cake says:

    Did I miss the Psycho Zaku ver Ka build?

  2. evora460 says:

    Oh yes before I forget when I was watching a fast build(everyone should in my opinion) up of the Providence, I noticed that the grey thruster parts beneath the main purplish thrusters can actually move and reveal additional thrusters. So basically when the thruster moves up the bottom grey part also moves creating an interesting gimmick. I love when Bandai adds those little details. It’s a shame that sliding knee joints haven’t been seen in recent kits.

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