Gaijin Gunpla

At last year’s Gunpla Expo Bandai announced a new Gunpla line-up, or at least a new category type, for their High Grade line. They called it the Accelerate Evolution on all the promotional material. The first kit for this new category was designated as the HGUC Zeta Gundam – HG Accelerate Evolution but that may have been misleading.

The newest HG Zeta is now out and check out that sexy box art.

Wait a moment! What does that say on the top right of the box?

Gunpla Evolution Project? What happened to Accelerate Evolution? Apparently, when they released promo material a month or so after the Expo they had coined the term Gunpla Evolution Project but by that time Accelerate Evolution was what this kit was known as. I’m just gonna call it the new Zeta for now. Interestingly, the runner designation is HGUC 203 Zeta Gundam.

Looking at the new box I noticed another interesting thing.

What’s that?

The greatest range of motion in HG history!! ?

On a Zeta?

Stuff just got real.

So let’s check out the runners on this new, most-articulate-evar kit.

PC runner, beam saber blades, and quite a few stickers.

A runner

Four different colours on this runner.

B1 and B2.

Nice detail in areas.

C1 and C2.

The biggest pieces in the whole kit are found here.

And possibly the smallest as well.

D runner.

E1 and E2.

And here it is.

In what may come as a shock to absolutely no one, this new Zeta swaps parts in order to get into Wave Rider mode. Bandai has an explanation for that.

Proportional accuracy was pursued by adopting a parts replacing system.

There you have it. It is all about ‘proportional accuracy’. I’m guessing that must have been the case with every other single Wave-Rider mode capable High Grade kit ever. That’s what I’m going to use in my next performance review.

“Yes, I didn’t complete the project to spec because I was pursuing proportional accuracy.”

Gotta admit, it does look great.

New HGUC The-O… ?

The pursuit of proportional accuracy.

6 Responses so far.

  1. KrisKrow says:

    i hope bandai makes ratchet joint for sturdier joints

  2. Neeyahaha says:

    It’s interesting how they can make an SD version that only has to have the head removed and other wise transforms completely, but can’t figure it out for an HG..

    • Manpig says:

      The SD also has less joints, limbs, and areas, and the proportions aren’t one of a normal MS either. The standard Zeta Gundam transformation is really, really complex, and i’d take a partsformation over a transformation if it means the kit looks good while staying sturdy.

      • Marc says:

        Indeed. Especially after painting, the RG Zeta was hell to transform.

      • Faptron says:

        *cough* 1990 Zeta Gundam. Although I guess that the wings were all wrong on that version. So… maybe Bandai should just release that kit again with better articulation and wings.

      • Manpig says:

        The wings are exactly what kill it, that’s the whole reason they changed the design for it, as well as the reason the Zeta Waveshooter Type exists. Besides, that kit doesn’t have the complex joint mechanisms seen in the torso here, honestly transformations almost never do favors for the kit in terms of articulation.

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