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I feel like I’m moving at a record slow pace assembling the RG Amatsu Mina. But, reasons! It was the end of one month and start of a new one and I had a pretty important review to get up. Now that those are done I can get back to writing about the newest Real Grade.

Here are the parts for the right arm.

That’s not an RG frame!

No, it isn’t. For the Amatsu you’re using frame parts.

Same applies for the shoulder.

Once you’ve assembled the arm frame (that sounds weird when writing about an RG kit) you can add those glossy black parts.

Check out the details of his hand.


With everything on you’re right arm is complete.

But the left arm is back to the more familiar RG way.

Most parts here are from the basic Astray runner that came in all the colour variations for the RG Astray.

For the left arm you’re given these hands.

That is quite a contrast between arms.

And now for that Astray torso.

When you get to this stage you put on the arms.

Make the cockpit hatch.

Apply the armour parts to the lower torso.

So far this is using standard Astray parts.

Here’s the collar.

And there is the upper body.

Now things get interesting. The shoulders. Let’s do the right one first.

The small frame part that hooks onto the shoulder at the torso is a part from the regular Astray release but all else in this construction is new.

The left shoulder is mostly older parts but you’ve got a new frame part thrown in there.

Can you tell which one?

Make a type of fin and attach it and then put on the black armour.

Again we have contrasting looks here.

That’s a very distinct top half.

Let’s make the side skirts.

And there is your body.

Without those giant wings it looks rather slender. By the way, apparently those wings are called Maganoikutachi.

So now I need a head.

Choose your eye stickers.

You’ll use some regular Astray parts in the head construction.

Adding the facemark and chin was not easy due to the size of the parts.

But this next step was even more difficult.

You are meant to lay the purple piece into the black part and then slide the red parts on.

But it wasn’t easy to determine just where/how that purple piece lay in.

Once in I slid on the red parts.

That looks good, no?

Add a very small sticker on that purple piece while you’re at it.

When I tried to attach the next part there was a gap.

So I took the entire assembly apart and started again.

This time I felt a little click as it slid in.

Add the red parts again.

Now I can add that second black piece and there is no gap.

I can now add the mandibles and complete my head.

That is a head like no other.


Next up; Wings and Weapons!

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  1. Pepe says:

    That’s way too awesome. Nice contrast between the right and left arm.

  2. Rev says:

    Hey Syd,thanks for the update really looking forward for next update.

  3. Ryan says:

    The reason for the different arms is that in the manga the original gold frame lost that arm in battle so they replaced it with the arm from the blitz Gundam(which was also lost in battle) so that they could gain use of the blitz stealth system

    • Frankon says:

      Wasnt it lost when it fired the hyper megazooka (or whatever its called) to destroy Red and Blue frame before they could be found on Heliopolis. Lowe found its arm there and later used it to repair Red Frame.

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