Gaijin Gunpla

At the end of the last WIP post I mentioned that it would be followed up with the ‘Wings and Weapons’. That’s the generic, easy-to-understand way of putting it. What you’re actually assembling uses much different terminology.

For example, they are not wings, they are Maganoikutachi. Huh?

Wahtever they are, they are quite interesting.

Take two gold parts and join them together.

Now add black armour around it.

Then add a gold part, and its black armour, to the bottom.

You can see how this will end up being able to slide a little.

Onto the bottom of the last gold part add two glossy, pointy, black armour parts.

You then construct one of these using parts from the purple runner.

This will be built into another assembly using gold parts.

You’ll take what you first assembled and attach it to the bottom of what you have just done, adding long black parts to the outside.

Then add a red vent and some more black parts.

After all that you’ve got one wing, er.. one part of the Maganoikutachi.

Build the second and then compare how they look stretched out and normal.

You’ve now got to build something with which to connect them to the suit and that’s where this large part comes in.

Slide the gold part up into that black part.

Hook it in there and turn it down.

You’ve got two flaps to prepare.

These are then laid into the lower section of that large black part.

The Maganoikutachi will actually connect to these pieces.

These are laid into the top of the large backpack section.

Now put two layers of black on.

Attach that to the Amatsu Mina.

Then plug on the wings, err… the.. you know what I’m referring to.

The manual indicates that the left wing goes on the outside.

He (she) (it!) stands really well.

So now we have the weapons to assemble and there are quite a few.

But remember, they have strange names, too! The first is the Triceros-kai

Join together the largest parts.

Add on some black trim.

On the other side add some red.

Cut off the three spears.

They slide alongside the rifle with the little tab that juts out sliding into a groove to secure them in place.

That’s cool!

And familiar.

Next up in the weird name category is the Tsumuhanotachi.

Slide the first gold claw up into the purple piece.

Add one to one side.

Place the one for the opposite side into a black part before joining everything together.

I would suggest pulling out the claws while you’re trying to line everything up and squeeze it together.


Retract the claws and add a purple piece that will flip down when the claws are not in use.

Now for the Okitsu no Kagami.

Start with these.

Add the tips.

You’ve got two flaps to lay into a small purple piece.

Close that up.

Add red.

Plug that on the end of your staff.

That is really cool looking.

To get the most out of it you’ll need this.

We’ve seen this before but at the time it was part of the C runner on the RG Qan[T].

It should be just as useful on the Amatsu Mina.

Okay, play time!

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  1. Pepe says:

    sick-looking weapons!

  2. theasianman says:

    great review as always. Been following your blog just recently, but I can’t help but notice that you have no review for the MG Astray Blue Frame Gundam Second Revise? Any chance you will be putting one up?

    • theasianman says:

      Shoot, meant to say WIP post. But yeah, you definitely have killer reviews. Interesting to read them every now and then.

  3. sean says:

    How can I prevent the gloss black from scratching?

  4. Can’t wait for the review of this.

    Anyway, I tried to send you an email (address: and I got an error response “Address not found”. Do you have a new email add?

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