Gaijin Gunpla

[Editor’s Note: And here is the second Reader Submission that I’ve been eager to share and it is also a Barbatos. As much as I may not be sold on this MS design you readers out there sure know how to make it look fantastic. You may recognise Frankon as a previous contributor so I’ll him tell you all about his newest creation.]

Now that Iron Blooded Orphans have ended we can say that the series had its ups and downs. People disagree on lots of the parts of the series but they do generally agree on one thing. The designs and gunplas were top notch.

So let’s look back at the original Barbatos – the form I to be exact. This little project (took me about two weekends) was a way to get some drive back. I was so burned out that I basically didn’t do any progress on the 2017 Plamo Competition. If you frequent Syd’s blog you at least must have heard about it. So this little project was a way to get back some lost drive and remove some rust on the skills.

Getting into the details of the build, the whole kit was airbrushed with a mix of Vallejo and Tamiya paints (I don’t like Vallejo red ^^). The frame was primed grey and then airbrushed gunmetal grey followed by heavy black wash done with a brush (all but the pistons). Than drybrush natural iron on the parts and paint the pistons silver. The gold parts were made with 3 layers of paints. Silver, transparent yellow and finishing with light coat of transparent orange so it would add depth to the gold. The white armor parts were slightly shaded and painted with a off white color – a mix of white and a later large pinch of light grey.

The arms of the kit were done later since they had a nasty seam line in the middle so they were painted after the inner frame was covered with varnish so it needed some masking (for the inner frame and the blue parts). The head was modified so that the face part could be inserted after painting which was hand painted with usaf dark grey, red, black and silver and transparent green for the eyes. I didn’t use any stickers on the kit. The Barbatos symbols were hand painted with transparent red on top of silver.

The BIG mace was fun to paint. And to be honest it was a main part that I decided to build it as form I since in later forms it loses its mace for a katana. The mace was done mostly the same way as inner frame but with lighter black wash. Also I blended natural iron on the protruding bits and drybrush silver on all edges. Later when I moved to the weathering phase I did a slight rust wash on it. On the white armor parts I simulated paint chipping with a fine brush and black, rust and silver paint. On top of that I did a light wash of grey and rust colors to imitate rain marks and black wash on the gold, blue and the weapons. Later added some sand/mud using Tamiya weathering master. Sealed it all with matt varnish. Overall it was a fun two weekend build (would have been a one weekend build if I didn’t have to restock some stalled paints).

Hope you guys like it.

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  1. Mike says:

    Well done !

  2. Frankon says:

    Have to agree with Syd. I also didnt like the design of this kit (at least OOB)for me it was the weakest gundam frame design in the series. But after painting it it kind of grew on me. A little color alteration saved the design.

    And Mike… i did a few mistakes on this build… luckly i managed to cover most of them with weathering.

  3. jeremy says:

    aww crap,its so damn beautiful but the flash,he forgot the flash

  4. BNuts says:

    But are weathering and rust ideal effects, given the supposed durability of the involved metals? We’ve seen MS’s torn apart and frayed in this series, but never worn or weathered.

    • DraconicDak says:

      Given that the Barbatos operates on Mars, rust weathering is simply dust. Ever since the Barbatos burst out of the ground in its reveal, I think it’s safe to imagine it got a little dirty.

      • Frankon says:

        Yup. You know Mars is the supposed Red planet, and Tekkadan base was like in the middle of red desert.

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